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Are you tired of pretending that you've seen a really popular movie? Every time you're at a party like for me that movie would be full metal jacket. Never To see see it. it. I know I don't see it and go on this show cast hoosiers. I've never seen. I know I know, but that means I'm perfect for this podcast. It's called never seen it. It's a podcast hosted by comedian. Kyle airs our buddy was fantastic. Lala land really ever seen it. Well, this show never seen it hosted by Kyle is where comedians rewrite famous movies they've never seen. And then they do a cold read in the studio. So you can hear Dan Harmon's take on Lawrence of Arabia rewriting of the shining and flew aboard. No country for old, man. You watch that. Sure. Stylings of flu Laborde on an American tail. No country element is perfect. It's so great. I I'm going to be on this show soon. And I just cannot wait to right. I'll let you guys know what what it's it's going going to to be be listening. listening. If If you love. you I love love dump people. you should be listening. He did our first mini unbelievable. And I feel like this is the if you like this show, and you like to great podcast. It is really cool. They also have segments. Like, what movie is Kylie dad describing based solely off of seeing the trailer having never heard of the movie perfect, and guess what? Three movie scenes are playing when the audio of all three are played simultaneously. It reminds me of a great way all the great stuff of Doug loves movies. But it's like if no one knew anything about perfect. So make sure you guys don't miss a single up. So do you can subscribe to never seen it on I tunes or Spotify. Or wherever you listen to podcasts are so many great episodes out there, and so many coming more like one with me, so checkout never seen it. It has a dump people town seal of approval nice. Welcome back to the show. We got Mary Holland here. We got one more story and take us home, brother. Here. We go ready. Remind everybody to go to Daniel and Kirk dot.

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