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I'm Marty Lens along with April despot, Fox 31 pinpoint whether 41 right now but wet outside And some, you know, at least kind of spring driving conditions were used to this time of year. Yeah, that wintry mix were talking about his reign has turned to snow in spots. See, that's Tamar Allison joined us earlier and has some advice. If you're just getting out there this morning. Give yourself a little more time, Tonto. Get to work. Give your give yourself a little more commute time this morning. Do there could be some potentially slick conditions out there, Rawlinson says. Despite it looking like rain on the roads, conditions could be deceptive. See that has some crews out this morning. Some plows in places travel conditions, of course, more dicey in the mountains as result of the weather. The Boulder Valley School district has some of its mountain schools closed for the day. President Biden going to be on Capitol Hill, spotlighting tonight for his first address to the joint session of Congress. He's gonna be touting his 1st 100 days in office, as well as plans for moving forward, ABC chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl with a preview. He's looking forward to his infrastructure bill. You know the so called American Jobs Act, which is over $2 trillion and beyond that, coming right off the heels of that he's hoping to do the American Families Act, which is even more expensive than his infrastructure bill. So, so he's Looking forward to a really substantial expansion of the role of the government Inn in American life, and by the way part of that's gonna be some pretty sweeping tax increases on the upper income, wealthier people in this country to pay for it all we're going to carry, of course, the speech live tonight as funny accent but with the Rockies playing on K away, you can hear it on freedom. 93 7. Now there will be no designated survivor for Biden's address. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says most of Biden's Cabinet won't be there in person because of the pandemic. Normally, the commander in chief picks a high ranking official to miss the address in case of an incident that, you know, injures the president or kills the president and other Cabinet members here. President Biden's address to a joint session of Congress tonight at seven o'clock on freedom 93 7. There would be virtual guests for President Biden's address, congressman. No Goose invited Susanna Crawford, the CEO of this Mr Carman Community Center on over 420% increase and rent assistance requests over the last year, Nagu says The center also helps provide food to the needy and uses cares act money to support the community of Lafayette. There's a concern about covered 19 cases in the state rising among the young population. Kaylie NewsRadio struck. Clark has more on this Marty Dr Rachel Hurley he had State Health Department says the most recent spikes are among kids ages. 11 to 17. We're really seeing our most rapid Increased right now in the state among middle school and high school students. Their rate is much higher than what we're seeing on average for adults in the stage. Officials believe school Associated outbreaks are a factor but also vaccinated parents resuming social activities with their unvaccinated kids could cause give be one of the causes. Down on the springs of high school into middle schools are pausing in person learning this week because of the surgeon cases. We are currently talking shots with the Clark Twins, Highlands Ranch and Parker having a vaccine clinic for teenagers today and tomorrow. Chuck Clark, a away news radio. State officials also making a push to get more shots in the arms of Colorado's. In fact, you no longer need an appointment at any of Colorado's mass vaccination sites. Governor chair policies you can just show up. These walk in or driving as the case may be driving without employment experience is really a game changer in the race to vaccinate Colorado's because there are many Colorado who don't feel like they want to load up a Web page or sign up somewhere, the governor says there are thousands of vaccine openings across the state right now. Very good. Denver health officials are also looking to make in home covert 19 vaccinations a reality. This is a historic moment for 55 year old Anna Rivera were receiving her first dose of the maternal vaccine inside her Denver home I've had once it burn more Rivera is homebound and has been unable to get to a vaccine clinic. You have trouble with walking and stuff. So it's hard to get in and out of vans or cars and stuff. So it was nice that they could come here and do it for me. Today, paramedics from AM are delivering one straight to her door. Part of a program being pushed by the city of Denver. It's very easy.

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