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To the lakers and the raptors and the lakers probably have the inside track because of the roster that they have 'cause he wants to come on at cetera et cetera et cetera the clippers were alive they were in the mix who's gonna take a meeting with the clippers but the fact that he's with the clippers with paul george is the part that's just remarkable because paul george last summer just signed a four year deal with the oklahoma city thunder he just signed a four year deal the oklahoma the city thunder to play with russell westbrook and the set up shop in okay see and then nine months later pam he's in a way with these other guys i mean that was the co why chose the clippers huge surprise to do i think you're handicapping the three but i'm here with paul george nobody nobody nobody in their wildest dreams thought that's how this thing's gonna shake radio you're agents thought that because he's the one who constructed and put the deal together now paul george is aging new hey at the same time you know what let's have a conversation in find out if we can get you to lay it just won't be what the lakers in jerry west and whoever else is willing to put this thing forward and make it happen they will give you everything if there is well before we left the only reason why i wrote out the clippers because it's like pays in the andre after the time will tell you though extension one nine ain't the only reason why i dismissed the clippers what's because after the money went to patrick beverley i don't see an avenue for them to get another superstar in repeatedly said that he needed another superstar because you can't hit your wagon to patrick beverley and lou williams you're gonna compete for championships but in the past her family was never considered a star well that's that's that's what i that's what i'm saying they're winning so and patrick beverley money was signed i thought the clippers were out because they wouldn't be able to execute at least through free agency another superstar 'cause they gave him some of that gave us some money that was already in the works they may move well or northern europe was wildly already patrick beverley all that money was visiting the works or the co why come in after the patrick beverley money hawaii in his ads are have been before because at least reportedly here reciprocate different right so they're going back and forth first and then he turned to wonder if they are back and forth first before they spent the money on patrick beverley right once they spent the money on patrick beverley what travis is saying is you don't have the full max money there for the second guy gotta fuck why but not the second guy superstar player and he only way they were able to do that is when they traded those players the clear that little bit of space add to that money already have so now they're able to give paul george whatever he why whenever he gets here here's here's what they gave up but we kind of had the ball guys very good weekend were just gonna say you guys got under listen no clear i found this anytime soon i did okay who's pretty good let's just say that wasn't entirely sure it wasn't earthquake when it first hit which is wait is it me or you're not singers quite frankly when the lakers gave away what they gave way to get anthony davis oklahoma wall that was big they went big the clippers way bigger shake it'll just alexander who's a really nice run nightly unplanned if they really liked by the way up nellie or who they nice mb eight player nicely embody player disappointing or one two three four unprotected future draft wait what did you say on on on protected first show which means they get a say they they get protected first round pick this lottery protected in twenty twentythree okay that would be five first round picks can they get to slip or swept swag bags with the clippers in twenty twenty three and twenty twentyfive which means that okay see they get the.

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