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Out those words that serve relatable and if it wasn't him this here's what you don't assume that they're trying to make the president's more label minute exhibit. That's whether on sweats now. With all the tracksuits yes. I'm glad they comfortable. Yeah video barred. They serve this country. Barack obama went from a full outta hair. Too gray baldy. It's a tough jogging. Thinning keeps a close crops games. He's playing like andre andre brower. What's what's he got along. Patrick stewart held onto the horseshoe. Little longer than you look. Good though you know what i mean. He really made a because he was considered sexy and so he really for for a brief period of time men with that. Of course you hair could feel good about themselves in a way that they never did before since they were wrong. Mr hooper run minister kept it close. Cropped enforce it was. It was like salt and pepper. It looked really good what he has a great head. He's an attractive man. Mr hooper who we talk about my past. I can't suddenly can't picture mr hooper. maybe i'm wrong about his hair. Maybe i'm thinking of a puppet wrong. You might be thinking of the other guy. Could've gordon david gordon was bald. David david was like a latino guy. Louis louis he had a full headed. There was a gore's does lewis bob. There was a maria maria. i'm thinking about. What was the lady's name boy. Mr hooper had tried it. Oh yeah that's nice to see him again and he died. When i was the age that i was watching sesame street they had to deal with it on the show and i had to do with it as an audience member. All of the cast put sunglasses down to deal with it. Tell me mr hooper. you know what. They had their backs to the camera. And then big bird said go. All the human characters turned around. Put sunglasses down to deal with it. A lot of people don't remember director of show show biz. relying mr hooper lying in state. They showed him and then weird choice. They dentist tip the casket into oscar. The grouches track the. Yeah that's how they chose to dispose of its board of the casket was a hinge. I don't remember this episode of television history. I mean about sesame street why you'd think recovered because if you get if you get the director's cut become. Oh the big the big. You'll see the full thing you don't look forward to seeing it. Do you remember on sesame street. There was an episode where they reveal the sniff up was not imaginary yeah and Maria had a psychotic break powerful episode. It was a very powerful episode to health. But she she she of course believes that he was fake and then when she saw him she just couldn't her brain could not she couldn't handle it. Well shutting hand. She had she had given big. It's hard time all those years. She there's the guilt on top of it. Also if you think he's fake and then you see him. He's pretty scary. It's a shocking. He's a large beasts. And how did you miss him unify eyelash the islands gorgeous do you think the real now. Riots there's to perfect they sway in the breeze. I mean that's what what's what's it called. i can't think of the word. I must have magnetic eyelashes. I do know what you you put you put a put a special kind of mascara on your is that has metal in it and then the magnets i think eyelashes and they just sound safe as hell. I think safer than glue is it. I don't know although ever since. I got the vaccine metal. Stick to me like fucking crazy. I have so many keys on my chest. Roy at any given moment. Yeah yeah. Some of them. Aren't these not bad. You walk past it. I'm constantly next door. Taking celtics for any of these keys yards mimi. The dog park. I won't have a dog. Are you allowed to go to the. You don't have a dog park right now. it's not. It's a dog park because no grass. It's because you're constantly running. Because i feel like i like dog so much and i feel like i would like to go to see a bunch of dog. Maybe maybe not during the. Why don't you want to wait. Twenty twenty two. I think is your dog park going outdoors. I'm not going to an indoor in dog door part. Did you ever go inside a dog. And there's a bunch of doors in their blowing your mind artaud. You might be if you open up doors inside. Lsd mom psychedelics. He that's my phrase. We ought psychedelic shirts. Bumperstickers your silent a d. c. b. cell That's legal i. I have two options for you paul. If you want to touch you can borrow my dog and take him to the dog park. If you want to happy to let you take him. What kind of look. I haven't seen you. What kind of dog are we talking about here. He's a He's little he's like he's looks like a corgi. Dachshund.

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