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Why they play the games nonsense without a doubt the golden state warriors will win the nba finals in eleven months we know that they didn't need boogie cousins to make that possible but by getting boogie cousins it took away another piece that a team potentially like the lakers or the celtics audis could've used if he's healthy to compete to take down the warriors but again the rich get richer and leaves me wondering why not why did this happen because for a million other reasons we can go over this the warriors drafting well for one with landing draymond green klay thompson after the fact of already getting steph curry then they end up signing kevin durant okay stinks but they've worked around and found loopholes to make everything happen but now the sign boogie cousins why why should i find myself on a thursday night after the nfl season ends gone all right what can i get into on tnt what mba doubleheader do we have you know what who cares who cares if the portland trailblazers at ten thirty eastern are playing libra ron and the lakers and that follows six or celtics which potentially could be a great game on any random thursday night why would i sit on my couch and watch but yet nba ratings as they have for the past couple of seasons will tell you we all are sitting down and watching but why as the nba reached a breaking point where we will no longer be patsies to this game or is it for the simple fact that we don't care who wins championships anymore what i mean by that is you like to stockpile when when comparing great players lebron gets compared to jordan all the time when it comes to george got six rings lebron with three yada yada yada so we kenner when it comes to that but for a single season if we're going to sit down and watch these games and the ratings for the nba are good this year coming up in two thousand eighteen nineteen forget good great like they've continued to be i think we are sending a message or the nba is sending a message that they of now for better or worse revolutionized why we watch sports from the time i was a little kid being raised on the couch with my father forget the power rangers forget the ninja turtles i mean i don't always want to forget the ninja turtles because who doesn't love a good leonardo or leotard oh now forgetting what the ninja turtle was does it matter splinter the big rat from time of watching those shows i always wanted to be watching sports and my dad and for me when i watch sports i rooted for my favorite teams it got put in my blood who i loved but ultimately i watched for the chase you want to see who wins up hoisting the trophy in whatever sport you are a fan of if not all four of the major sports and beyond that you want to see the payoff whether you start watching baseball april first and end around halloween or you start watching the nba nhl in october and end in june you watch all the way through all of these regular season games you check in throughout the year and at the end you love that payoff you love the podium you love the raising of the.

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