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I love David David Limbaugh is a great great guy I don't remember how I met David my sister Twitter for all the the gripes about social media social media has if you use it properly and the use it often you pay attention you reach out to people or people just start David Limbaugh just sort of follow me one day and the holy cow David Limbaugh and then we started chatting and talking and then we hung out and had fun together it's to weird weird world you're growing up near thank you have these people I'll never meet them and then you you end up meeting them and and becoming friends with them his book guilty by reason of insanity why the Democrats must not win is it's a great book and it's a very important book and it's selling like crazy let's take a quick David Limbaugh story since I only have a minute here I I collect signed books I don't know if you knew that from before now you know it anyway I collect signed books I have probably somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen hundred sign books and I was looking for a Rush Limbaugh signed book and I looking on eBay and I see one there and it's reasonably priced and I said I wonder if that's something about the signature in seem right sorry I sent it to David sent a link I said this is look like your brother signature and about five minutes later I get an email back says rush says no Mike well that's good enough for me that's not rush Limbaugh's signature and then a few months later I saw another one even better price but it looked more like a real signature like pick somebody who wasn't trying to forge things and so I sent back to David and five minutes later he says spaces rush says yes and so I bought that one it's like you know I don't I don't need a certificate of authenticity you can cram that I've got Rush Limbaugh and David Limbaugh's vouching for the fact that I have it authentic Rush Limbaugh signed book we've got fifteen more minutes to go on the program stick around for it once you now keeping you connected with the latest news this is talk radio sixty eighty W. C. B. M. and W. C. V. M. dot com good morning it's eleven thirty on Michael.

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