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Horse the hall of Famer the twenty year Rams VAT joining us now live so Jackie. Let's get right to it. Why did the Rams knee Dante Fowler? Good morning guys. Why did the Rams? The third player selected NFL draft. Projected to be one of the most dominating. Out pass rushes league would see over the next decade or so and he hurt his knee his first year, MRs rookie year and all of that. And he's a dynamic towel and believable physical specimen that can really make plays in. Just out. Why did they get him because they knew they needed some Iska address. The rams. Problem. Addressing jazzy. Thank buyers is you know, out of Oklahoma football pick was hurts. They drafted in the six round Trayvon. So they tried to go and get healthier. Unfortunately, some of them are gonna Pat the, Nick. Glowing. The rate of progress is needed. To be able to go and get this guy or Jackie Chris Manson here as much as we celebrate the arrival of Dante Fowler. I got to believe there is a fraternity among you offense lineman because this move does come at the expense of very service serviceable that is offensive linemen and mom Brown who gets waived to make room on the roster. Well, that that is a little bit disheartening for me. Right. Because you know, one of the things that we saw your really took off on the Mike day was what we thought was that the the the foundation of what we going to seal the next decade or so in their office. Jim are Brown. He played beautifully for them. Every game is only office started and play all games. You remember who they arrested the other guys? For the last game against the forty Niners. And he was gonna fantastic big physical guy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate the first couple of weeks and somebody got an opportunity blight got in there and got an opportunity to play through not only they play. It's just by. But his versatility play to other sponsors. And you know, when you just look at the way it all down he became expendable because of the variety of things that is competition was capable he'll land on his feet. He's a very very good young player. And you'll be around another decades. Just unfortunately right now, we'll be. So Jackie the chargers have been on the sidelines during the bye week before the game against Seattle, the coaches, tell them, hey, take the week off in all of your years of playing. Do you ever? Remember, a coach telling you. Hey, relax, take the week off during season. Well, you know it in a way, I think Anthony and to be commended for that. Because he knows what he's he knows a horse that he's writing he's writing of a pretty good football team right now. And they just, you know, been been travelling around second most travel team in the NFL this year to go to the Oakland Raiders, and and you probably sensitive a little bit weary. He's looking forward to after this week off getting Joey Bosa wanted a dynamic young pass rushes and defensive players back. He's also. Calculating how to get Joe Barksdale back in the lineup who a lot of people feeling arguably the best right tackle and all the football out most of the year and working himself back into the lineup. So he's got some guys that he needs to get healthy his team, probably there's a little weary, and it's refreshing. Well, we should quality throwing the ball. We'll get a dog the ball. The by. He's flown a team ball. And I think it'll it'll make a better hall of Famer Jackie Slater with us this morning. We'll talk to him again at this time next week. Our insider this time tomorrow NFL network anchor Andrew Sicilian. Who's also hosted the red zone on direct TV. You can follow the Canucks insiders on Alexa to search Canucks. Ten seventy..

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