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It's the same. La flash signed. There's like Neon sign that says loves me and then as people get eliminated when they walk past the not flashes up when loves and even the by like america in america doesn't love you that that's that's probably worse took the big neon sign says. How much how did you are an worse. The viewers don't love you and boy. There's a lot of neon on this. Shell realized survive I think i actually did see that. They have like you know a ordering in bulk through one contractor for all this neon quite the disco Cursing with you want some of those neon signs for your apartment. What would it say. Yeah okay yeah. I'd have one that said service and then i'd underneath it would be the light. Were one that has down so that like if it's in a bad mood i just have a chase down when you walk faster. Yea also be one that grow up of course so i'm looking on online for surf's up neon sign for and so i don't see that but what about like a hang loose neon sign shock bro. I could probably make it work On surf stop. Let me see if about when i catch the wave. And what about a guy with a surfboard. Would that be good. A lie think maybe a bit my life size man of neon like i live in a small studio apartment. Let's see neon signs on amazon. I'm always afraid that they're gonna drop them when they're like holding it's like they're like putting them over their face and i'm afraid like they're gonna drop them. And what are you talking about. What are they putting them over the fees everytime they bring in a new person like oh like let's meet our new guy here comes scally. And he's like. Hey what's going on. this is scally. And he's got like you know then the heart or like neon sign and puts it over his face and then he's dancing with a skelly. What would your dance move be when you entered the villa with the the neons oh my dance move. I'm going to do the dougie. The move. yeah we'd be hearing about the again you know. Let's throw it back for island. I feel not quite. They have the ninety s party throwback that found the neon sign that says highlife. That would be good for will when he's tending. Bud i love how excited you are but in being a bud tender. Yeah talk about that on. The web island podcast. What if i just got like an alien head mu on sign that you are you an alien head. No but like it's pretty cute. That's not your mind. Yeah well the good vibes. only god i love. There's like a lightning bolt Galleys flamingo one flamingo. What if i won. That says be the good anguish to get him the flamingo lettuce party. What about one that says we sell. Cbd that would also offer cbs. He's holding that up when he enters. Davila this one is just they. Do i guess the full alphabet but the one in the display is is a d. o. all category neon sign for bedroom. Now what kind of neon sign as this one. I'm gonna get. I think it's it says hustle but the a dollar sign would really enjoy my bed. You should save that for when your house is built because i think that would really go well in a permanent like doing like you're traveling for the i. Look i walk me now. One that says let's get weird. Yeah for from chase race right here. I found one would be really good for the bedroom. It says open late. Yeah oh boy in the exact one maybe hanging up in the hideaway can't find. Surf's up on amazon. Maybe maybe some of the listeners can help track down. Where from obviously optic get a custom-made. It'll be extremely expensive. Okay we figure out what's scalise is going to say. i just gotta get him the flamengo..

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