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In fact, that's a topic for Twitter, maybe you can help me with, who would play David Bowie in the David Bowie bio pic. Yes, paulie. I got a double check this. But there's an upcoming bio pic called stardust in the works on David Bowie. An actor who's rumored to play. It is Johnny Flynn. I don't know at all. Johnny flynn. Didn't he played for Syracuse? Yeah. Remember, they six overtimes, and they the temporal took them yielded then timber with GM David Kahn for taking him over Steph curry. You said he would. May will you? Right. You also said he may go on to play. David Bowie down the road and NBA career doesn't work out now. Jonathan Rhys Myers played a David Bowie, like character in velvet goldmine. Todd Haynes nineteen Ninety-seven movie. Okay. But remember him? Yeah. He isn't that the next bio pic, we would be on David or prince. Ooh. That's our only one is supposedly in the works. Johnny Flynn is the lead singer and songwriter a band called Johnny Flynn and Sussex, wit, and he's been in a Netflix show called love sick, and he's actor musician. I went to see rocket man thought it was good. Not great. Yes. For what would have made it great is there something that's it. It's, it's, it's presented in, in a unique way. I'll say that, but, you know, the, the actor who portrayed Elton John did a great job. But everybody else sings Elton John's songs. Whereas, you know. Randy Malik was lip synching Freddie Mercury, but did a wonderful job in capturing the Queen frontman, yes, well, after the success of bohemian, rhapsody financially, they're going to pump these out every year, as you can see this prince and but gets, like four years from now they'll be doing the monkeys. They're gonna go through everybody. Well, there's no controversy with the monkeys whereas, there's, you know, this kind of behavior with Bowie what kind of sexuality was he prince with who he was on a guns, N roses by OPEC that could be fun. Because everybody got really wasted axel was kind of a jerk. Yeah. And they've been ninety ninety minutes on that basically the story. Two minutes. Rick, Fox is set to join us Rick Fox, the former basketball player, North Carolina, of course, NBA player and played with the Lakers. He's got a podcast. The podcast gaming and east sports podcast available now on podcast one dot com. Apple podcast and the podcast one app..

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