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He was safe and happy holiday season ed benkin is here eagles practice today the link thanks to some frozen conditions of global jerkov lurks they also outlined their plans for the cowboys with forest quirot j jim we get more from kyw john johnson it is final press gathering leading into the regular season finale against the cowboys head coach doug peterson was asked if the starters would play and if so how much i want all the starter supply for and you know and i'm not using the term preseason with our guys is still a regular season football game dallas cowboys but i mean i it'll be smart were that obviously i'm not putting anybody on on a pitch coun or a number plays i just want to see execution by our guys are going into the postseason or the final open practice to the media at the link as peterson wants his players to practice outside reporting from the length john johnson kyw newsradio judge doug peterson said today branding rare won't be inactive for sunday's game he will rest up with an ankle injury he is expected to be five of the files tug was due ski is good to go he has missed the last two weeks with an ankle injury the team is also placed joe walker linebacker on injured reserve the flyers are back on the ice tonight as they take on the tampa bay lightning on the road the flyers were beaten by florida last night they really didn't show up to the third period they fell behind threenothing before loose the panthers three two two costa of hacksaw says there is no excuse for the slow start doesn't matter what the what the reason is not something that can happen it's the same for both teams out there the lightning have the best record in the nhl in college basketball today pen feld the plaster to toledo eighty five to seventy two quakers with the loss goes two nine and five of the seasonal begin ivy league play next friday against princeton the seventy six years gets into the road trip tomorrow night endeavor reports age role mbede will sit out due to the backtoback situation fixtures loss will play in phoenix on sunday there are three games of a college ball scheduled one was.

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