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About the russians sir just to be my question for you yes sir just to be abundantly clear will the russians be back i think we have to assume that the russians will be back and possibly other state actors and possibly other bad cyber actors at the time you separated from service in january of 2017 you have seen no evidence that the russians were successful at changing of voter tallies or voter totals correct at the time you separated from service in january 2017 had you seen any evidence that donald trump or any member of his campaign colluded conspired a coordinated with the russians or anyone else to infiltrate or impact are of voter infrastructure not beyond what has been out there open source and not beyond anything that i'm sure this committee is already seen and heard before directly from the intelligence community oh or if you're watching paging through the new york times and the washington post i presume or perhaps watching joy reid on msnbc daniela david harsanyi is the ship in your editor at the federalist he's a nationally syndicated columnist he's the author of the people have spoken and they are wrong the case against democracy such welcome back to the mike gallagher show one only david hirst johnny davis great to have you here are how are you sir i will always great to be here well i appreciate your time i mean i'm watching these tweets that the president has has put out today seems to be correct at a big rally last night in iowa i let let me start with what we've been kind of chewing on today and that is john mccain bellyaching about the healthcare process doesn't like the way it's going doesn't like what republicans are doing they can you you helped me understand why senator john mccain sounds like a california democrat who might have a a little cabin in berkeley and puts on a tiedyed tshirts birkin stocks incomes to work i mean can ever act like a republican david.

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