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John one now continue sports before the lady cut that will make you angry Papa because it's there's an Italian restaurants in there I know how proud you are Shawn Estes ten thirty a Gruden Madden mash up at at noon a lot of work to put this together what I tell you have feet in a nice job Yeahs will join us at twelve fifteen Mr October a one o'clock if this is all over it's a solid Lister I can ask this is our warm up and I love this this hello but he's not ready yeah that strategy does he give these like a joint he's not having a sports the to reduce Alaska all about it and I went over the weekend when twenty lost is dead yeah he worked the login web game on Saturday in work Sunday show yes right he's right there in Arizona so I think it's good to get him out of the house generalist and we spoke to him and the kids were yes I saw it was it was a hundred and fifteen and he went out the other side I can I can be inside of the kids or I mean a hundred fifteen and melt he chose a hundred fifteen melt see the the smartest thing you ever did one and done believe me we ex wife I would have done that even even if you didn't want anymore hell spawns she was like no thank you can't hit it out as it is what happens well the the thing is to is after one it pretty much got cut off so unless it was gonna be you know a macular conceptions you went to doctor snippet after no I did not I did know or you mean it was it was self imposed sometimes that happens Immaculate Conception now that it would take all right when we do and so that that's all that yeah there we go I don't know if it was all like I it was a ninety five the sports hub and they were having some fun at Jimmy's expense course the former patriot and everybody loves Tom Brady there so any chance they get so this is this is what they called a Jimmy rob Lowe after his preseason performance in Denver I know you're out of town I'm sorry.

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