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Drug to handle one. Drug addiction by inheriting. Another Narconon freedom centers goal is for each individual to achieve and maintain. Long-term success any family member or loved one of an addict, please do not hesitate to call Narconon freedom center at five one seven six two nine six seven four nine in reach out for help. That's five one seven six two nine sixty seven forty nine. We are in this battle. Together. And as a team we can fix the problem of addiction the power of prevention with Dr Dave Jan is brought to you by the institute for preventative sports medicine. Millions of students will be active in recreational sports this year. That's the good news, folks. The bad news. Millions of these same students will sustain a preventable injury. Let's continue to outline a checklist for parents to implement to prevent these unnecessary injuries. Parents must make sure they're student athletes undergo a pre participation physical exam at least a month prior to participation in organized sports. Two percent of athletes will be disqualified based on a medical condition diagnosed with this exam. Parents also need to confirm that the coaches are certified and the equipment being used as up to date in the fields of play are safe from hazards these steps by parents can prevent a significant injury from occurring during recreational sports for more information on the institute prevention, and Dr Dave jammed book, the awakening of a surgeon focusing on the power prevention. Visit. WWW dot no injury dot com. Yep. We cover Michigan. We cover everywhere from fifty seven to forty three m twenty two and every other route. We cover from paradise to hell Christmas to Kalamazoo. We cover up north in. Yep. We know exactly where that is from sandbars to send.

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