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Know, why do borrow he shipped up to Churchill he had won two one turn races over maiden and allowance company for safi Joseph by open lens. He was like, he went off 6 to one. And he showed speed from an outside post. He was up there like challenging classic causeway for the lead. And then like Vince said he dropped back. He had a little bit of trouble and then he came again in the stretch for third. Really a non threatening third behind smile happy, but it was still a gutsy courageous effort in your stakes and two turn debut. A great cult. I don't know about the mile and a quarter distance as well. First crop, I think of race day, white a barrios from, but yeah, to me, you're looking at, if you lock in a horse like him, you know, you always have to be happy about that heading in a Derby because like I said, this is a year where I do think that a lot of people will be going in different directions. Once again, the number to give us a call 888-966-4776. Talk about whatever you would like to talk about. We saw three great, I guess you could call them Derby, perhaps this last weekend. I'd rather call them Derby qualifiers because it sounds less like they're just stepping stones for the Derby. I think the most eye catching of the three was the bluegrass James, and we saw a phenomenal run from nowhere by zanden and a great ride by flavian Pratt. Yeah, absolutely. And whether it's prep or qualifiers, I'm gonna push back just semantics there, Bobby, but yeah, zing it in really, he broke from post four in that race. You know, he hasn't gotten away that he's gotten a way slowly and both starts this year, didn't get away fast in that race. But he wasn't dead last early. He was about 8th or 9th. He was towards the back. He really started to launch his move. I think going in the far turn and he just ran into a wall of traffic. And that resulted in him getting like shuffled back to last with a half mile remaining. And from that point forward, he just exploded to win going away. I mean, one thing about him was, you know, you can just watch him in the stretch and his stride looks like a cold that was his fourth career start. He's taking a big improvement from the risen star and I love the way he finished. I like I just like to look at that horse, you know, to me sandin is this long lanky athletic looking horse that is just going to keep growing into his frame as well. And I think he's improving for Chad Brown and I think he has a lot going for him in The Kentucky Derby. With that being said, that break is a little bit of a concern and I'd like to see him get out a little bit cleaner and not be like 17th or 18th in the early stages, but be more like 1112 13th or something like that towards the impact. Yeah, he puts a lot of pressure on himself and a lot of pressure on flavi and Pratt if he's got 17 horses to pass and 5 eighths of a mile to do it in The Kentucky Derby. Let's go to the phone's Paul in Connecticut. You got Bobby and James on the brisket dot com call in show. Okay guys, I'm going to take this a bit differently on the point made about what a barrio. I'm not a big fan of the trainer, okay? And I just was watching queenland all day today. And a point was made that he has won maybe one of 16 starts there. And he had a heavily bet favorite last race, I believe, and he came in third on a stretch out. You take him on a Florida and I don't separate this equi based data at this level of detail. But by and large, the guy doesn't do well outside of Florida. And I called in a couple of weeks, three weeks ago and made a point about the PA Derby win a few years back that was a big deal. And he got one of those silky Sullivan on runs. And the other point, and I'm not trying to get you guys in a corner here, but in a way I am. About 44 years ago before the Navarro service big bombshell right before then I was on a website called pace advantage making a comment that I felt that Carl broberg savvy Joseph junior, George Navarro, Norman mcknight, and one other guy who escapes me. In my opinion, we're suspiciously better than reality winning well in the low 20s percentage of races. And I follow this extensively. And I was proven right by Navarro, but I don't think that was rocket science. Okay. Now, I didn't have service in there. But I bantered with people about Joseph until you have data to prove it. I know people are clean. But why is it that he, for example, doesn't seem to do well outside of Florida and as a point of note and I'm not defending baffert here. I'm simply saying when you're given the best dirt runners for a half a million to a million by default, you're going to win a 30 year races. And I'm not defending them. And of the opinion that Chad Brown can win on dirt and he's a superior trainer the best in the country on turf. And I'm also going to make the observation that Brad Cox is far superior around dirt and turf. And I love the guy. But when you get right down to it, there's no way this guy's going to win the race in my opinion because it's Seth he Joseph. You take him down to Churchill, he's going to blow.

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