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I would say I saw a poll in the UK about a week or two ago and support for you be I was off the charts. He was like in the seventy percent tile I. Think a lot of people take day. A could use the floor. I can't speak to count on this, but I can speak to the US. And speaking to a lot of democratic politicians, their view is a core value and I think this is true candidate core values work. That you work for money. You work to provide your place in society, and then if you're going to time, wage benefits and wage subsidies, you tie it to work. And that if you don't tie it to work than people begin to pull out of people say that's not for me. And so I do worry that you be. I would drain the work ethic. At the time of crisis, it's different. There's no work and so giving people money nothing is is the right thing to do, but over long term I would worry about the cultural effect of basically giving people an option to not work or or to try to work on the black market, and then get you bi, but I would support. Subsidies so people were working forty hours. A week can live at a decent level, but I I think it's at values work. That is really the big divider there yeah the dignity of work and the effects on communities and individuals who are denied the dignity of a job, and as you say more than just the material benefit, but the central social standing that comes with employment is absolutely critical. Let's take a final question will squeeze this in a under our one hour with David Brooks Let's see who our final question is. Cynthia from Salisbury she's asking everyone thinks covid will finally wake people up to the gross inequalities capitalism. How can we make the needs of our most vulnerable of real prior wordy in our politics and culture, so I mean David? Maybe that's just an opportunity for you to. It's a nice. Nice broad question. It summarizes a lot of the themes that we've discussed with you over the last hour. Maybe that gives you an opportunity to leave us with some of what you think are the key points to reflect on as we try to think through. How will this pandemic change? Our politics change our culture change our society not next week, not next month, but as we discussed the years and maybe the decade to come..

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