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We. This is no co now presented by shanin agency. Here's tanner swint good. Thursday morning northern carolina. Welcome in to the adult collusion specialists studios. Thanks for being with us here on this thursday as the week flying by we appreciate you being with us. This is going to be a fun one today as always it seems like there's a ton to talk about Regarding well just about everything out there co vid still starting to try to creep its way to the forefront of what's going on in the world will talk a little bit about that Not not a ton of cova talk today and all that could be a welcome relief for a lot but we do Start with our accessories of the flair and hair poll question. What are your thoughts on. Putin school district requiring requiring mask regardless vaccination status. I know it's a little bit different. We haven't seen this one Putin school district is requiring a mask regardless of whether you're vaccinated or not For the entire putter school district community. This leads us right into news for northern colorado. Here is the email from superintendent Brian kingsley the the press release came out deer pse community. i'm hopeful and inspired a partner with you to make this a great school year for students and families. The first day of school is only two short weeks away. And we're excited. Welcome students back classrooms fulltime as promised. This is an update about psd's cove nineteen protocols for fall. Twenty twenty one. I start by saying. We're gonna talk a ton about kobe and yet here. We are starting august fifth. That's today we will require masks in puzder school district buildings for all staff students and visitors regardless of vaccination status. I know some of you will be angry about this decision while others may feel a deep sense of relief whether you agree or disagree i value you and want to remain transparent about how we made our decision. Our priorities are safety. Keeping kids in school want to provide a dynamic learning environment for students in minimize quarantines. We're also using data and public health guidance to be responsive meaning that we monitor psd's specific lerma county state and national data as He shared in his last update. We've been grappling with the changing conditions. And what they mean for mask protocols. One of the biggest challenges. I've heard was how difficult quarantines were for everyone. Our goal is to keep kids in school. These way to do that is to wear masks. When mascara weren't appropriately. They're extremely effective at protecting. Both you and me a lot of you may ask why why what's changed. The short answer is the delta varied. It's more contagious. It's spreading and it's impacting we'll vaccinated and unvaccinated people with our inkers case rates and current vaccination rate lamoure county is now considered high risk the benchmark set by the centers for disease control and prevention. Should we need additional predict protective measures. At truth be told even though we've done everything in our power to keep our communities safe. We need to do more. Please know that we will reevaluate this decision. When we reach improved health conditions in the county in our schools. We also need to see lamoure. County vaccination rates go up to get out of the current high risk category. We need to come together as community to prioritize keeping kids in school. You can do this by wearing your mask. Washing your hands falling health and safety protocols and getting vaccinated. It's right for your family. The beginning of school is a time of celebration and belonging. This news may be discouraging. But let's not lose sight of why we're here to be hopeful to be inspired and to make sure every child learns everyday. Thank you for your continued partnership that again brian kingsley. Who is the superintendent of putter school districts. So a couple of things for me. Stand out there. Number one is what i like about. What brand kingsley did. Even in which he says that vaccinated unvaccinated people are getting the virus. Which is one hundred percent true. It's still is and effectiveness for the vaccine is starting to slip a little bit. You're seeing now. New studies showing that the modern vaccine is down to ninety three percent effectiveness. Starting the head down. But what i like is that he he still lays it out there and still has a a welcoming tone of the people who who haven't been vaccinated. Don't decide to get vaccinated. I'm starting to see people go off the rails a little bit for lack of a better term on both sides. And i thought we were done with the covert hysteria. But we're not you have people who are on the vaccinated side and have have gotten the vaccine and They're they're starting to push and push for things like the proof of vaccination do indoor events another one. That's picking up steam as a potential for a travel ban for unvaccinated people. This is just getting a little out of hand when we talk about this. The problem is that we built a hysteria up about how scared everyone should be cove in. Nineteen that's what we heard all year last year in march of last year. Hell i even. I didn't know what it was all about. I don't nobody did. I stayed away from my parents who i wouldn't consider elderly by any stretch of the imagination. Here welcome but i stayed away from them for a for a month or two which i come from a very tight knit family. That was by far the longest time that we've spent away from each other for for a reason like that. So the hysteria was there then as we started to see. What is what this virus was really doing to people. At what rate it was killing people. At what rate it was being transmitted new the odds new. It took a self responsibility and said okay. This is something that we're not we're not worried about. We're going to go about our lives because we don't wanna waste even a year of our life being locked doors being these other things and i'm sure there people right now. They're saying we'll use selfish. You know what but wendy. We accept that this virus is gonna be here. When do we accept that. Even though we're saying it's coming back. Hospitalization rates are still lower than what we saw at the lowest point during our peaks last night. When do we acknowledge that when we acknowledge that people can get this and a lot of people are still They are still a symptomatic or if they do have symptoms. They're very very mild. When do we start talk commonsense. Please if you are worried about this if you are immuno-compromised if you've got a people in your life where mask if you feel safer about that where mask stay off the airplanes. Don't maybe don't go to a restaurant if that's where you're really at but this hysteria is creeping back up in the people and hysteria reaches people. That's when you start to see crazy decisions made and he started the crazy ideas thrown out there. And that's when you start to see people torn apart when we judge our neighbor because they live a different lifestyle than we do and they make a different personal decision than we do and we look down our knows them. What type of person are we and trust me. I'm not a perfect person i. There's people that i looked at in man. That's more on without knowing and it's something i need to be better at but i have friends. That are unvaccinated. I've got friends that are vaccinated. I got friends. That are wearing masks. Friends don't that's.

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