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Dude i'm on me own now. Develope you to the head of programming here mafia la- alone says staff organize virtual programming over the past year even virtual musical performances. The gatherings of this size only became possible in late july. Even the musicians are still getting used to playing in public again. Says the accordionist popa by staying home is just something could was a click in the mind that it takes bittu. I is not saying that we lost how to play. That is just a bit. It's a bit new brian. The cellists china to add that she enjoys performing now even more than she used to the thing now even more where even more excited to to give to people. You know to to exchange the energy. Something you miss for a couple of months. It's like an egg more than couple of months. The can play are schon. Warr says he likes playing for these residents alive them. More than other other ages spic. Sometimes they speak music they know more. Maybe seniors are good listeners. He says open to listen to all types of music for the world. I'm jacobs in montreal. Western governments have closed their embassies in afghanistan but the u. n. compound in kabul is staffed and operating linda. Tom heads up public information for u. n. o. j. the un office that coordinates humanitarian affairs in afghanistan. We reached or before the weekend and she told the world's carol hills that the un mission remains the same regardless of who rules afghanistan. We are Working on providing assistance to people in need and we want to show people in afghanistan that we have not abandoned them. We remain in afghanistan but practically how has your work been affected by the collapse of the afghan government and now the taliban as the new government. Yes of course. Our work has been affected by the lost. Might i say months of conflict. There was active fighting in many areas. So some of our work had to be temporarily suspended. But we're really working to try to restart those particular programs and then there was some assistance that was ongoing because we had local agreements with the taliban in some areas and those programs continued. How would you describe your agencies working relationship with the taliban. We have been engaging with the taliban for years now as we do speak to all the parties to the conflict. Of course now the situation has changed and will need to adopt but as humanitarian -tarian. We would say that you know we're neutral and were impartial. And we.

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