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Got its start back in 2013 now wgn sports here's dave eanet thank you vic good morning the white sox had a chance michael of noise with the keys in town instead they made errors three of the one of the yankees threerun fourth tumour new york's threerun sixth helping the withstand the socks fourrun ninthinning rally i six five win the left sox manager rick red surreal offer gouge hughes uh that we can make to justify why those occur uh you have to own a i think everybody has stolen todd frazier and ten atr's in both old home runs for the sox who have dropped four straight wilson contrarius led off with a home run his first game as the cubs leadoff mad that they built a five nothing lead before hanging on for a five four win in washington while the socks struggle the cubs got a couple sparkling plays from havi buyers will also drove in the cubs fifth rodney in the night thinning cubs or three a two of the road trip cubs also traded pitchers act rosskop to colorado for pitcher matt cara seedy carl schwab or one for ford is first game for aaa iowa three strikeouts russell westbrook's is the nba's mvp for the first time he of the forty two triple doubles last season a record the blackhawks on forward tomas jerko newly acquired goaltender anton forsberg we'll talk to the hawks duly reacquired brandon saad this morning at nine ten dave at it wgn sports if you owe.

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