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You'll get a couple of them here down by digit early. It's nine to eight sorry. Eight two seven and the Houston Rockets defensively, the nuggets are, you know, run cut no motion basketball team will if you're cutting is being held up mostly is being held up and it's harder operating. The nuggets of the rockets are making the nuggets work through that kind of physical force on the defensive end. So other nuggets are going to have to deal with it. And and and find ways to be productive Denver and Houston both have four turnovers to start the basketball game. Gerald green comes in for house junior and one more free throw coming up for hardly made the first one. At thirty eight points against Portland the other night. Second free throw form is on the way. And that one is good in the nugget lead is down to three year. Ten to seven. Let's see if Denver can find some rhythm on offense Murray has it dribble. Handoff to Gary Harris turns the corner on rivers gets down the lane lost the basketball, and it goes out of bounds last touch by Houston and PJ Tucker. And it'll be Denver book basketball the far corner with thirteen seconds on the shot clock. That's just a. Gary Gary hairs, turning in the corner and. This is this is the way that playoffs will go. Easy. This is going to be a nice little window into the nuggets readiness to face. This of Gary Harris looks in here for Denver. Inbound goes to the man Jamal Murray Murray brings it back inside the art now backs off hands it off to Harris. Gary a couple of dribbles, gut it out there by cappella, this has James harden garden, Nicole Yoka shot clock winding down tough to buy Harris. Mrs rebound down to Paul Millsap on the paint. Kick out three Harris. Strong rebound fought for a foul on the rebound on Gerald green. On. It's gonna be on James harden. And yeah, he pushing the coach in the back, which brings me to this point out when the get a switch like that. They don't wanna stare down necessarily the initial swish because when they get a shot now, the offensive rebound is small on big. And and that was James harden couldn't box out mccully, Oakland, so hard. It's gonna play with two fouls here in the first quarter might dantonio leaving them in their Millsap has it. They wanna feed Yokich being guarded by Tucker. Instead Millsaps throws out to the three point line. Deep. Three knocked at home in the colour, yoga cloud. That was a long range corner right there tied up at ten here in Houston high right side, it's J Tucker. Top of the key over Capello throwback to harden offense afoul whistled. Against cappella DJ, Tucker. I thought for a moment that was going to be on hard and picking up his third the first border. We're a little over halfway home in the first period. Inbound goes to Gary Harris does back behind him to Yokich back to Gary goes to the left hand bounce pass Kyoko cheese in the paint left. Handed flip shot is up an end. It's just a lot better. S- amazing by the nuggets right there that you play the two man game pick and roll with Gary Harris and Nicola Yokich feeds of right in right in front of the for the for the basket to point lead. Now for Denver across a time line is James art and gets a high pick from Tucker Denver double teams heart and behind the back bounce past Tucker for three jumpers up in. Houston back in the lead by one thirteen to twelve Jamal Marie has for Denver. He's at the mid towards circle guarded out there by Austin rivers bounce pass inside the arc over to Nicole Yoka chance off to Harris gets push. No whistle gets down the paint in had fake runner is no good. But he got fouled and he will go to the free throw line. Good job gear hair. Just forcing the issue. There is a little slow to get up. His teammates are going to help them up. Right there. Fouled pretty hard. But you know, you you can't go up week and he didn't right there. And he's able to draw a foul, and he's gonna shoot the free throws. You look across the way they're Dempsey notice those first three rows are great chairs have you ever looked at those? No the courtside seats. Yeah. Yeah. See the gray. So every player that has ever played for the rockets gets a chair there with their name on. They started doing that last year. So I went and got Ryan Bowen one of our system coaches, and like show me your chair doesn't have sure enough. He does. It's pretty cool though. Free-throw number one for Harris's up in will have one more. I'm sure that like Kemah lodge one probably has a little bit better spot than John barrier. Second free throw for Harris's. Good nuggets are back in the lead by one fourteen to thirteen heart and goes to the left hand does it to Tucker in the corner had fake on the three driving through the lane kicked out three in the other corner. Green not when MRs we'd round swatted out by the yoga tried to Jamal Murray. Murray has it across the timeline is at the log on the high right side. He brings it back out over to the left stops free. Throw line extended bounce pass joker at the free line free throw line jabs once at heart and shoots, right? Over them. In the jumpers up in and jokers offline nights start here for Denver Nuggets lead it by three yoga Chaz nine already. Across the timeline is James harden. Denver shows hard on the pick and roll gets painted cappella leans in little folders up in. The other way comes Denver Nuggets lead by one sixteen to fifteen Yokich top of the key yoga's gets to pick from Jamal Murray. Stops the free throw line opposite corner touch past Craig around the horn back on top of Murray Murray stops head fake throws it down on the low block to the call pitch with eight on the clock. It's a post up here against cappella. He gets to the paint spins over his left shoulder. Throws it to Millsaps the jumpers often in and that was available because PJ Tucker had uploaded off of Millsaps to try to double yoga's and back the other way on the rockets in the pay cappella Baba's the pass gets it back. Don't sit on the two hand. Get kit. You don't want get clink appellate Coling in this game. He can have monster games himself. Nene is up in off the bench here for the rockets. Shimomura Murray gets down the lane finger away up you missed the bunny rebound tapped around and grabbed by yoga put it back out. And the nuggets are back in the lead by three twenty two seventeen. And here comes James harden pardoning you think it's going to start getting annoyed by Tori. Craig? Gary's chasing a ball of Pancasila has it against Yokich Bank shot is up in it again on a simple driving a dish. By James harden? Nuggets lead down to one. It's twenty two nineteen time timelines Murray. Top over the coal Yokich Yokich. Bob's back door pass bad one. He throws it away. Loose ball picked off by PJ Tucker. Tucker gets the outlet pass over the heart and Lipton in the corner. Three pointers on the way that one is. No, good rebound comes down in the coal Yokich. That one was taken by NS checked in during the last time our time outcomes next whistle Murray for three jumper missed again. Rebound down to Clint cappella Passover, James harden. Twenty two nineteen is the score heartened gets a high pick their from PJ Tucker behind the back bounce pass BJ's wide open for three got it. Again. Timeout Denver down by Q here. It's twenty two to twenty to forty one enough to go in the.

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