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Encouraged to switch to promoting healthier products the policies shortage generate strong support from health campaigners the advertising association said rules in the uk will already among the strictest in the world and were enforced rigorously by regulators the newly elected prime minister of malaysia mahatma muhammad has said the imprisoned opposition leader anwar ibrahim we'll get an immediate royal pardon is to unwind a former deputy prime minister was jailed three years ago on charges of sodomy he says we'll politically motivated mr heartier has promised to eventually hand over power to missed anwar who was once his arch enemy but is now an ally our correspondent jonathan head reports from kuala lumpur twenty years ago mahachi muhammed sacked anwar ibrahim deputy prime minister and had him imprisoned on dubious sodomy charges today he's calling for his release from a second jail term imposed three years ago such is the remarkable turnaround in malaysian politics which has seen the ninety two year old former prime minister returned to office this time as leader of the opposition inflicting the first ever defeat on the ruling party he wants lead getting on what brahim pardoned was one of the conditions for dr maha tier to be accepted by an opposition movement he wants tried to crush he says that the king has agreed that this should happen soon the veteran leader has also repeated a promise that he will step aside to allow mr anwar to take over as prime minister within two years one of the founders of the militant palestinian group hamas has said mass protests on the boundary between gaza and israel will not stop there have been demonstrations for the past six weeks in the runup to the seventieth anniversary of the formation of the state of israel next week in an interview for this program doctor mahmoud zahar said he expected the protests to continue beyond the anniversary because they had the support of ordinary people in gaza mp's have warned that britain's armed forces could be more than twenty billion pounds short of the money they need to buy new military equipment the commons public accounts committee says there's a significant funding gap in the ministry of defence is budget over the next ten years the mode is currently conducting a review of its spending out offense correspondent jonathan bill reports the md wants to spend nearly a hundred and eighty billion pounds on new submarines warships armored vehicles and.

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