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That's Tom Brady live at the podium following the Super Bowl as they live looking. Radio the Super Bowl win over the Los Angeles Rams thirteen to three. No. That's our theme song actually for today here in our super post game show on ESPN radio the SPN app along with Jeff Schwartz and Bobby carpenter. I think Andrew Whitworth the Rams tackle summed it up. Well after the game when he said, quote at the end of the day, we're all going to die. Tonight's way to put it. Nice sunshine lollipops way to look at life. He's not wrong. Fact he's one hundred percent right now. Speaking of right, if Vegas is correct, it appears the Kansas City. Chiefs will be your Super Bowl champions next year. They are the favorites. According to west gate LV super book, they opened the odds to it next year Super Bowl and and the chiefs right now had the second best odds when the book opened but right now it's the chiefs with top odds following by followed by New England. They're six six to one by the way, the chiefs followed by New England the Rams and the saints second-best at eight to one at west gate. No other team has odds in the single digits teams with the next best after that Steelers. Chargers bears at fourteen to one at super book. The Cleveland Browns are among sixteen games at twenty to one. So we. We left last segment talking about how many more Tom Brady can win. It's hard to. I think people are life lessons about this that they continue to learn every year, which is don't just don't pick against him. You'll be bright more often than not if you just pick with Tom Brady and the patriots. But Jeff start with you, Mr. prop bet money line over under. What chance would you give the patriots to do it again next year? I mean, they're going to look at this and say disrespected again, no one believes. Yes. Kansas City needs to prove or defense. Indianapolis will continue to get better. That'll be a tough test for to give the patriots Cleveland's better. Houston should theoretically be better. But again, New England still the favourite noon still has a bad division can still run through that division and the end up with a home playoff game again or have now remember there are one hell, Mary, we're you know, we're funnel play against Miami. For being the number one seed closely. It already been the chiefs. I like just from a value angle is Philadelphia twenty two one to win the Super Bowl. Carson Wentz should be back healthy ready to go. And then Lanta forty-one Atlanta has a lot of talent there replacing all through the coordinator's office special teams. But this is a healthy. And they have a good opportunity to get back to Super Bowl. Yeah. Just doesn't necessarily feel right? The one issue with Philly to me is you look heard they're going to potentially pick up. Nick foles is option like get got some quarterbacks issues that they've got to straighten out two guys that can both play, but they can't play at the same time. So let's you're gonna have to make a decision. It wouldn't surprise me. But just you have to make sure that you do everything in the locker rooms all on board with you. I've learned this year. That's the chargers to beat the paths in the division around the playoffs. I'm never doing that again. Tom versus time. Tom is undefeated still time is taken a couple of L's from him. And because of that like, I've got to watch his demise. Jeff said earlier he did deteriorate a little bit throughout the course of the season. A lot of quarterbacks do that a little bit older. They monitor the number of throws. He takes some practice when he takes hits. It obviously affects him more during the season. I store should make throws there were very very difficult and you need to make you down the middle of the field, some deep balls. A he looked really good when he has time. He can step up in the pocket. He's just as good as he's ever been functionally out on the field, and you saw that manifest itself tonight. So he's got six rings. And as as we talked about where does he put that ring? Jeff you said middle finger. Yes. Yeah. Put a put out in the middle finger Bobby had a different answer, which we won't repeat, but family show, Bobby how many more maybe hanging on his said, maybe it's more. How many more rings for Tom Brady because like you said no signs of slowing down. I mean, look he's every day passes. He's getting closer to retirement. We get that in Costa glide, he's closer to dying. Yes. We are all. At the end of the day. We all we're all gonna die. Thank you. Andrew whitworth. But how many more Bobby? Overrun overrun one and a half a half. I'm taking the disrespecting Tom at all. If you told me that about any player in the NFL how many Super Bowls instead over or one and a half, the smart money would be on the under for sure. All right point five. That's a different story over oh, gosh, that's crazy thing. But I would be with Jeff and take the over. I don't know how you can pay against them again. Like, they keep winning these games. Remember who was the who's the more talented team? Chargers. Chargers were who's more cheeser patriots? I mean Rams are patriots. I mean, you look at these teams. It's not even close like match up stored for starter. You're probably taking on average between fourteen and fifteen starters off the Pat off the opposition of the parents, but the pats have twelve draft picks to have cap space like they have opportunity to go out and make their team better, especially wide receiver position with Belgian Forever's and has not been able to draft very well in his tenure. So they'll be back. And look I think for Tom Brady lava depends on his wife just saying like finally were done. Was this? They were Super Bowl all time. Oh, low outsor-, bad, blowouts or bad games. This was entertaining. It was in doubt until the final two minutes. We're Super Bowl then. The Broncos the Broncos the Broncos Seahawks. Forty three eight Broncos. Niners was bad. Niners Bronco Cowboys bills. The fifty five ten Steelers Cowboys like there were some blowouts that were not good. Most of the ones that growing up. That is true. I think I think that she's a. Support was far worse. Cheeses was at TCU. John cale. That was far worse. That would have been a great undercard to this far super post game show on ESPN radio ESPN app up next at sportscenter all night. Thanks, Jeff, Bobby, I met. Thanks for listening super postgame show,.

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