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Ben, you got a question about David, right? Yeah. What's the story was salary coming up like? Once he retires. You still get paid? He gets painful. Yeah. Now have to cover the whole thing that's supposed to insurance covering the last year. Now the insurance will cover seventy five percent once he misses sixty days. So the Mets would cover his full for the first two months of next year. And then they'd get seventy five percent from that point on until the contract ends in twenty twenty. More than the previous year. He makes less than the previous year makes fifteen and twelve over the next two years. I think I know I'm not a lawyer here or anything about insurance. But the fact that it was very noticeable. They didn't use the word retire today. I'm guessing that it is important that it is said that he is physically unable to perform as far as the insurance goes in. This isn't him just walking away of his own free will and volition we know it is because of the injuries that David Wright is unable to continue his career. And even know it is a going away a swansong, it is a retirement, and he can't quite call it that. And I think you got a little bit of a sense of that today, and I'm sure they're all tied together here. But yeah, I in the Mets they could have denied David Wright the right to a goodbye to play on that final homestand in. They could have saved some money on the insurance. Thankfully, they didn't. Do that. And David Wright gave a Jeff wilpon for. You know, what what is meant to David and his family at the top. And you know, I think they did the right thing here big time by David Brian by bets fans as well. Let's go to Joe in valley stream what's up Joe? We got your Joe rescue one thing was done spring training. Career. And there were six people seeing practice and I wanted to six so the us it goes to me don't go behind the stench. There's a foul ball for. Yeah. So I picked it up. And what do you think scientist, David Wright? Very nice. And also when my head color photos, he signed up from me and is here right in my scrapbook. That's great. And you know, these are the kind of things that kind of stories I think that we've been hearing all night when I was on between games. We heard a story from. Gentleman whose wife was the. The bat person of the game and David right? When I'm was way to signed up take picture, and these are the kind of stories that that come out on a day like today, which is great. And it's nice. When it it goes this way, not not the other way. Right. Where you start hearing all the bad things about a person that you never knew about. But you know, that that hasn't been the case here and again, a testament to David rights character. And why and he gets the opportunity to to come back to finish his career? And why he's going to have a very special day on September twenty ninth. Let's go. Jeremy in Yonkers next day. Jeremy? Hey, how you doing? So yeah, Pete. I got to admit I was getting emotional listening to write, you know, even words, but I did want to look at it from another perspective, you know, right? You know, you fought so hard, you know, he had all those additional surgeries, and he fought all year to get back to that point where he could get on the field and start working his way back, and then, you know, a few weeks ago things started to come to a head between him and the Mets organization where you know, John Rico started saying, you know, he started being a little bit negative in my opinion. You know, he wasn't totally negative. But he was not really like. Yeah, we're happy David's coming back. He was I guess, I don't know being more realistic. And then in the papers, it's are they going to of come to a head. Then they say we're gonna meet with management, right? And then then all of a sudden, you know, David Wright is deciding he can't play anymore. So you got I'm feeling like there's more to this story. He sat down with management. They told him look baby. We don't think you have much left in the tank, and we think that you should go out gracefully play the last game of the season. And we're going to pocket the rest of this money for the next two years of your contract, or at least. Seventy. But this is the thing. And I talked about this last night before this happened. I thought this made the most sense for it to come to a positive conclusion is that David can't be on a twenty five man roster. His unless he his physically improved drastically, which doesn't seem possible. And which he said today, the doctors told him is going to happen. He can't be carried on a twenty five man roster. So to me this was always about him getting a last few days on the field. I know that's not what he expressed over the last few weeks. And I think he was hopeful that maybe he could do more than just play the last home standard the season. But this was always what made sense at some point. Even if it was in the off season, they're going to have to sit down and have a conversation say David we can't hold a roster spot for you any longer and they had that conversation apparently yesterday. Grand conspiracy to all of this. I don't think you know, the the money ended up being the deciding factor in the end. Maybe the fact he can't use the word retire. But this this always makes the most sense for everybody. He gets closure on his career. He can put on the jersey. Again, you could say he came back after two and a half years he can play in front of his two young daughters for the first time. And to try to keep doing this year after year. It wasn't going to happen on the twenty five man roster and a forty man roster in September in a lost season. You can do it. And so he'll have that opportunity September twenty nine..

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