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Postgame show. We're live now from Massachusetts and the frankly I Selina. Overtime on Air Force beats Bentley 43 With Dave. Taller. I'm J. Richie Frank's territory. Joins us right now, Frank. Frank. I know they all feel good. But that one had to really feel good. That was your first win since March. Do you realize that? Yeah. J idea. Thanks for reminding me. And yeah, that was a good way. The Theo phrase it, um Um You know she's been it's been a tough It's been a tough goal. Um she's been a tough goal, like first and foremost like there's more relief and joy, you know, like like we want you want You want to get that one under your belt. And we want to get some traction on and you know there. There's like, you know we talk about there's no substitute for winning. I mean, like you got to find a way to get a W and even losing in the three on three and just like that's not going to cut the monster. There's no substitute for winning. We had to find a way. To get away and I win. I like and I won't say a couple of things about about our group like we got a young fan group, and that's been well documented. We've talked about it. I've talked about it and it is what it is. But I mean, this young thin group has had. We've played 11 games. Nine of those 11 have been on the road like I don't care even for for older, seasoned teams if you're playing If you're playing nine of 11, that's a tough goal. Everybody's better at home, and so like we've we've had. You know, a monument is challenge. We've honored all of our road commitments to our conference. Uh, to the to our conference affiliates. Theophilus haven't honored their commitments to us. And as a result, we've had the plane inordinate amount of games on the road. Um, uh, I thank our administration for supporting us. It's been it's been tough, and now I want to get into into this game a little bit. And you talk about a young team that hasn't had a lot of success when Los Wise How? How? How many teams that you know, we're all in nine and one could be up to the one and within a minute you're down 3 to 2 with 10 minutes left like how many? How many teams are in our situation would fold up. Fold the tent. How would they fold right up and our kids didn't they didn't fold up. They battled back. We found a way to get that next goal posture. Pinsky scores a big goal and and then we get into the three on three and they got some skill. They got some skill. If you were, if you were betting the over under in the you know, just on on athletes, you wouldn't have given us much a chance of a chance, and that And in that in that three on three, but a couple things, Uh Joe Doyle coaches that three on three unit and, uh, they they don't They don't break down like we're pretty organized. Especially defense. Defensively, man on man and all that. And then when we needed them tonight, who? Who is our best player? I like showing and not even any even close. I mean, like, you know, Shelley was a little silly. That's why I told the boys in the locker room right now and No, we we needed. We needed to have that because you know the teams like that are going to get there. Gonna manufacture some offensive When they do, you're going to need a big safe and and we got that from Alex. But no, I feel I'm so happy for the boys. Like I said, it's been a tough It's been a tough road a hole. I mean, nine of 11 games on the road. We've had two home games, nine road games. We come from behind We give up a lead. We go down 3 to 2. We come back, We tie it. We went in dramatic fashion. Willie Rhyme. How about Willie? Look like Cam Neely in those you that aren't old enough to know Cam need nearly Google him and big power forward that once played for the Boston Bruins legend out here. And, uh, And scores of big time goal and then shells you place probably had to look good. Look, we did a bad change in the three on three and and they got into and how what kind of saved was that? They didn't What did he make this A letter? Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no exciting, exciting game. It's too bad that there was more fans. There wasn't fans here to watch it. Hopefully, people are walking watching it on on Flo TV or whatever we do whatever we have a non out there, but Very, very entertaining game chances both ways, and when it was all said and done, it was the good Falcons over the evil felt at least that's what we think, anyway. All right, Congrats, Frank, good job and we'll talk to you later, therefore, said coach Frank's territory, joining us here on the Navy Federal Credit Union postgame show. Time out, headed your way now on the Air Force Sports Network from left field. I am Jay College presented by Yusa. Yeah. Strong work ethic takes pride in a job Well done. This is you, but to get an honest day's work, you need to call back. You need a job. Express employment professionals can help. Will connect.

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