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The us back and forth back and forth Michael will hold the puck for two minutes at a time sometimes like his goal isn't always distorts the discourse keep you away from the puck and who was playing like that back then the Russians the Russians were right that the I mean my my view on this is kind of simplistic I mean I I don't know if I really know this like I could but that's what that's a miracle look at the Soviet circle back with they take the puck backward who does that they just keep it cycles and backwards in possession and that's where we once now right in the NHL that's what everybody wants they want to just keep the puck I don't wanna hate you I hate you you have the puck and I'm I can't score how many should hit somebody should and dump and chase about interested in four track I'm interested in having the pock so you can't score even to me the only questions like that like that doubles Oilers hypothetical hockey to me it's harder than any other sport to even begin to talk about a question like that then even the other sports like if if you bring up the bulls verse the warriors I can at least have a conversation about that if you bring up I'd Mike Tyson versus Muhammad Ali or you bring up that this baseball team that was legendary versus the Yankees now or something like you can at least have that conversation I don't even feel you can begin to have it in hockey because the goalies are different the equipment is definitely got him you've got to include all of these factors to even start down that path maybe yeah I understand that and by the way to watching old games the best is NBA for me I think I agree with that yeah eighties NBA is so great now it is so so is still so great to me amazing staying power for those Lakers Celtics series Celtic Sixers even the bulls amazing staying power the broadcasts are fun and interesting and dramatic and just the players it's all it's all legends all star games actually all star games baseball like that because this or other sports might have this too but they're really cool to watch and they hold up and I don't know football games from the seventies and eighties usually what I end up watching it's interesting to me for the broadcast but the games are kind of boring like there's just a lot of runs in a line you know it's not that much speed in I don't like it became sick to disappoint me in that way but I like I like them for the broadcast of the NBA is the one I think the last time I watched an old game it's been awhile but it was a pistons bulls playoff game from like ninety or ninety one it was just chaotic yeah S. M. like seriously intense which is you know that's always great thank you Joe cells coming on fifteen minutes so my like this this conversation too hi Mike Shope will cover the bills was sell very soon here on WGR listen that WG our sports radio five fifty at home or at the office ask your smart speaker.

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