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West Palm Beach Pembroke park Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm Daria Albinger. Oh, the weather outside its rightful. At least it is across a lot of the south and ABC. Chuck Sivertsen, says it's causing some major travel. Probably you know, it's a bad snowstorm when snow slides off the road in this case in Greensboro, North Carolina. How often do streets get this like never earned? Yeah. He got an escape plan on my Mark. Supervisor the break somebody over the chain that snow is falling one to two inches. An our keeping track hurricanes tornadoes, mudslides and mail. A major winter storm that has hit us before Christmas. Mother nature's been hard on North Carolina this year governor, ROY Cooper, Chuck Sivertsen. ABC news at least one death reported in North Carolina. A tree falling on a car Mauri? Action to the sentencing memo on President Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen federal prosecutors in New York saying he broke campaign finance laws at the direction of then candidate Trump, President Trump tweeting it still shows no collusion with Russia. So Bob, Muller sucks down and hands the keys, and his credentials pack in no one's former New Jersey Governor and federal prosecutor, Chris Christie on ABC's this week, the president can expect a lot more scrutiny when Democrats take control of the house next year. Democratic congressman Jerry Nadler is expected new chair of the House Judiciary committee and says the White House should prepare to be investigated. The Republican congress absolutely tried to shield the president the new congress will not try to shield the president will try to get to the bottom of this telling CNN state of the union regarding allegations, the president directed illegal hush money payments to women during the two thousand sixteen campaign. They would be impeachable offenses because they were committed in in the service of fraudulently obtaining, the office. Dave Packer ABC. News officials in Lacey Washington now say a fire this weekend at a Jehovah's Witness house of worship is being investigated as a case of arson. You're listening to ABC news..

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