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That's Napa know. How will k b? Against the greatest mascot in the world. I tell you what vivo certainly up there in the top five, and you, and I and Emily were just kind of hanging out sitting down in your seats. Just just killing some time before the game. We looked down. There's a ruckus albedo fan. Yeah. I mean, I tell you have some big old horns steer has on it. And I'm telling you it stuck one the photographer. One guy was kneel down with this back to him when he kind of broke out of his little been there and just kind of. Almost gut that guy with his horn. I was just looking at. We were talking about it. And he came pretty close to stabbing him victim in the game that would have been bad. But you know, other move pretty darn quick. When he saw that thing coming in. That's a pretty intimidating character down there. Yeah. That was that was certainly something to see if we just happened to be right there. There's those little metal grates they put that was no match for pivo to. No, no. I think he probably felt like some of his relatives. Did that? Maybe it was time. He said he goes. That beat. Yet. That was one of those things that probably helps set the tone for Texas, and you know, for Georgia. We do talk about the best parts of TD to make it seventeen seventy TD to make it twenty eight fourteen and give Texas credit. Those are the two times when it fell especially seventeenth of art. Maybe the dogs have got the momentum. Now, they were always able to just the very least keep us at arm's length and keep enough distance in the score in a again going back to the end of the first half. We had that opportunity. I thought if we could have gotten points, even if it was three to make it twenty to ten in thinking, I if we come out and score to start this third quarter. Now, then we've got the momentum. But Texas came up with the stops. Yeah. You know? And you even heard me, I think you you looked at me like I was crazy when I said, I. I'm glad we didn't come back and win it because it would've it would've. I think he could have done a little bit more harm because those guys would have gone. Okay. Well, we went through the motions the first half. And we're good enough to do that. Well, you're not good enough to do that. Nobody's really good enough to do that. And you know, you gotta learn from it. So that's what they're going to take from it. There was a little bit of hope right there, and you could feel it. We could feel it all the fans around us. You thought it. But then when Texas came right back out, they started making some big runs right up the middle and that kind of took the sales right down to the ground again. And it really was just not wasn't a night for Georgia. It was certainly a night for Texas and. They never let up and I think that's that. That was certainly to them, and you know, Kirby's had a curvy sets tough losses against Tom Herman. You know, Tom Tom knows how to how to get to those defenses that he's faced when Kirby's been on the other sides to excellent young head coach is definitely a tip of the Kappa KB to Sam etlinger. He is one tough Hombre. I thought he played a great game for tech. He really did. You know, you talk about a tough quarterback. That's one thing that you know, they they do in the big twelve man they got they got some quarterback. Sometimes he just lowered his head and was very hard to bring down broke a lot of tackles his second and third, you know, kind of runs, you know, after he got out of the little jam Eker thing. He would he showed some tacklers and just keep getting yards yards. And that was that was impressive. And I think you gotta give Tom Herbert in Texas. A lot of credit, and he does like to run the football with eligible, obviously, that's not the type of thing. Twenty one carries that you could do week to week in a regular season. But with that month off and obviously until September. Yeah. To recover there. I think that was an extra wrinkle they put into the to the package there at you know, maybe instead of ten twelve carries. He gets twenty one here. Do you have such a core like dad, and that's all George talked about was about we've gotta we've gotta stop these receivers. We've got to be all over them. Well that didn't happen. But when you drop everybody back to cover all of a sudden, you're leaving yourself exposed right there for that quarterback to tuck and run, and that's exactly what he did. And we didn't have an answer for fell numbers. Join us triple eight eighty one dogs that's eight eight eight eight one three two nine four seven are upcoming game. Well, that'll be the season opener next year against the Vanderbilt Commodores up in music city USA that's brought to you by Toyota. Visit your local Toyota dealers today. Toyota, let's go places, and by the way, I like opening up with the SEC fo the Vanderbilt Commodores in Nashville, hopefully wanna know start for the BULLDOGS in it's it's the long off season. But this shorts team's gonna be very hungry to kick off the twenty nineteen campaign. Yeah, they should be. And it's going to be a a little bit longer of A a. off season this year because of how you finished. And that's you know, that's that growing up part that you gotta do the maturing part for football team. It's gotta come from within. And I liked what I did hear from from Jake after the game talking about him himself stepping up and and being more of a leader and challenging some of his teammates to be leaders to because that's what's gonna make the difference. That's really a defining moment when you have some some guys step up, and and really want to be that leader. And Jake is certainly a great one. But we need to find somebody on defense. We need to find somebody else especially teams, and we need to put those guys to the front of the class, and let them lead, by example. But also be that voice of the team. And I think the more you can get that on a daily basis the stronger that leadership group is check our Comcast business scoreboard when we continue on from the Superdome with dog talk postgame driven by BMW on the Georgia BULLDOGS sports network. Nothing like Toyota Thon, Gerry seeing people come together and get the best deals of the year. But what happens after January second went all the best deals are gone. Leaving the now Gary now.

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