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Control the country it will what would we have done with it and the which an were going with this nobody anyway so were you don't know what he said i know used the word but i don't know so we'll we'll we'll this is the thin no one was somebody curve the way the n word is used in in in these rob songs how come nobody would you know we don't widow tells us in defense of bill ayers we have no i have no idea what he said or did in i don't know if china per prove appoint i've watched his show a couple of times also he does that show on now tom hbo or showtime where they go in to though okay well anyway he he does he i don't like him i find mediator vitriolic yeah of his on us i good i have good good good radar and the these underneath the dunk he's happy person unomoz hardly alive there are the walking dead and their multitude jesus said let led the dead bury the did just remember with good boop said out of egypt the jews they fled let the did berry the did my my wanted my dear friends he's he's super far to the left and is my best friend through college and everything else and like mr b our claim loopier and he uh he and his mom just love a bill errors i mean bill on whatever mark mark thank you and we were out in la one time in he was in a restaurant they we were me that we are eating at any rant my of tony you're tracks as hollywood and his montenegrin efforts at i just got to tell you i love.

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