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I think any and all criticism is going to be completely justified if they can't Turn things around, and it starts by winning a couple more games. This Red Sox series. Well, they are over 500. But who do you think scored more runs this year? Courtney, the Seattle Mariners or the New York Yankees. I'm gonna go with Seattle. Seattle has scored. 222 runs the Yankees 215. The Yankees have only played one fewer game. Who do you think scored more? The Kansas City Royals or the New York Yankees? The Royals are rebuilding most people listening to this right now they're awful. I watched them last week. When I bought my $89 sweatshirt. They can't name one Royal, who scored more runs. Kourtney. The Royals are the Yankees. I'm going to go with the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals have scored 248 runs the Yankees have scored 215 runs. The Mets are the worst offensive team in baseball 182 runs. Part of that is they've had so many rainouts, so they've played fewer games. But the Yankees are 25th in baseball in runs scored this year. With that offense and that payroll and Stanton and Torrez and Sanchez and the stars they have on that team. It's unacceptable and it's not going to continue. Have scored. 215 runs so far on the season straight ahead. We spoke about a big loss at Roland Garros, but the big stars are showing up at the French Open. We discussed. I'm Aaron Goldhammer. She's Courtney Cronin. Story in Valley, ESPN radio, ESPN APP ID Sirius XM Channel 80. K. J. C, but I don't believe that Air Rogers will not play football this season. I believe he will play. It just won't be in Green Bay. More from Sanjay will ensue been Monday morning,.

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