Location Services, Fraud discussed on The Opening Bell with Steve Grzanich


To make sure that it's with you and the credit card transaction will be completed so that's an interesting technology advance that i think will help the credit card fraud situation in so take away from that is uh make sure the location services are turned on if you have a banking out well the that's one of the things in another interesting concept that banks are starting to use is leading the consumer go on their app and block their credit card so if you're not using it for example for a couple of days they're going to go in and block it on your phone application and they want to go to a store in use a credit card for transaction they can unblock it and so i think that that technology and that that new thing that the banks are trying to figure out is going to help the the fraud situation in security situation for your credit cards there's a lot of technology ideas that are being thrown out there that i think are or make a lot of sense there's a commercial on i can't remember which bank it's four it's not associated knew i knew that miti but it was a guy who was had forgot his wallet and had the bank out and he was able to go to an atm and take a picture of a code that came up on the screen and was able to use the a team without even have a wallet in a card and i've seen that commercial and that's another technology idea that i think will take off as we continue in the future small puff lots of technical advances of moving very fast let's talk a little bit about some of the things that we can do and 2018 for banking and credit for ourselves five found a list a really cool list of important things you can do the jing from pain you know sending a bottom any bill payments to saving money to tracking spending in organizing what would you say is the book the.

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