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Yeah you were just kind of gangs circle back to that in a sex yes yes still good friends with a couple of the owners so the people who are very into the old sex don't particularly like the new in which i love because it's not enough for them they want a lotta sephora four ten the lotus of oro four ten is the new old antics and it's excellent at that role still toyota engine and it's a camry v six with a super charger on it perfect makes four hundred ten hours power it has a pretty durable six speed manual gearbox it does not have a lot of known issue the stereos fucking alpine so sure work they air conditioning you know the shocks aren't adjustable don't this set it right let it be what it is got double wishbone good breaks like it's basic nice doesn't have a doesn't even have automatic headlights it's got a key like you you know and it's one hundred this things one hundred fourteen grand i think that seems like three d it's a pretty good deal man i think it can you look up the curb weight of the four ten i don't wanna say it's under three thousand pounds but i i very well might be under three thousand pounds because power loan that's very quickly approaching like supercar territory from five to six years ago yeah yeah no it's fat it's not like it's it's manageable fast and because it's a super charger rather than a turbo you get a linear curve you don't get a right now you know shove that dies at the top so it it feels just like a bigger you know n a motor would you get kilograms what isn't killing thirteen twenty five.

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