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Majority of this country don't the majority of americans believe in living wage of corey. Poll shows that right. There's a whole bunch of things like that. What else that are. Well you've been talking about healthcare this program and and you know that's like incredibly popular universal healthcare. You know that right. It gun control is popular. Yes that's like ninety percent wanted obama's gun control proposal didn't pass. There's all of things like that you know. How about being able to form an organization to bargain with your boss. That's real popular. You know how about you know. Living you mentioned the living wage raising the minimum wage that tends to be. There's all sorts of things free college. Yup americans think that's a good idea. Yeah yeah things are good ideas. Yep and but why are they not going to happen. Mr michael moore. They're not going to happen because Well because of this crazy situation that we've been talking about in that. I've been writing about all these years where you have a democratic party. That is not interested in those things anymore. You know that doesn't have a lot of sympathy for the working class As working class people there's not a lot of sympathy for them. Why because they didn't go to you know they didn't make the grade. They didn't get a gold star from their teacher. They didn't they didn't go to the fancy college And so they you know it's. It's very hard for a white collar party a party that is instinctively white collar in in its reactions to everything. It's very difficult for them to sympathize with such people and and they've moved slowly but surely moved away from those people and their issues and their organizations. I mean slowly. But it's but it's it's painfully obvious. Okay needs while the republican party. This is just a machine for for for making certain people rich and they will use the absolutely cynical and utterly You know there's no barrier that they won't try to cross you know there's no you know you know who they are. We know the is are..

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