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To you make. I take got hurt and fan. I mean basically those stat lines are very very close slightly. Better than what we got from. Hopkinson and logan thomas last year. Yeah talking diggins smith ahead of both for sure. I have judy rankin. Pr head of both. I'm definitely taking judy fan. And now let's do. I'm sorry what would you say like comments in parkinson finished third and fifth. And that's you know it's not that wasn't that great in terms of per game production but they also scored thirty more fantasy points than tied in twelve so getting into the next tier for dave hodkinson andrews pits and daughter. Heath would have noah fant in that group next year and he would have hopkinson ahead of that group. The next tier is round nine through ten upside starters. Irv smith noah fant jonnu smith and robert tanya irv smith noah fant jonnu smith and robert tanya. That's dave's fourth year so he you don't have fan here. You have fans here ahead of of this group and you. Who's in that to your anyway. Yeah it's similar guys not jonnu smith. Because i don't. I don't like the patriots situation but i've got logan. Thomas austin hooper. irv smith blake jarwin. Arik ebron robert onion not very similar. Well no it's it's. It's two of the three guys that i didn't already list plus a bunch of others. I just think you get to this range and this is your projection for these guys is like nine fantasy points per game. It's not exciting at all. is there upside. i think almost universally. There's upside there's some demonstrated upside from guys like tanya and hooper who we don't think can ever do what they did in the past but they have done it same for ebron. And then there's some and logan thomas and there are some hopeful upside with guys like irv smith and blake jarwin. I think this is the spot where you start taking. Chances with your tight ends. What type of tight end are you looking for in round nine around. Ten first and foremost don't have a tight end already. You're looking for a starter you're looking for someone they'll say okay. I can start this guy for at least the first couple of weeks of the season see how he does and then make a decision after that. The four tight ends. That i have here i think have the most upside of all the remaining tight ends left on the board and a lot of it's based on just what i've what i've watched on film. There's a lot of good athleticism in this year. I think irv smith is a good athlete. I think noah fant is like he might be like. Jk dobbins of tight ends in that. He's he's really athletic but he's in a rough spot where it's hard to see him breaking out and having a huge year because he's got so many other guys to share within that denver passing game jonnu i still think is is a hell of an athlete and i think there's a lot more that he can learn to do. That could put him in the tier higher next year with the patriots and then tongan not quite as athletic kind of had some deceptive speed. Like he got behind the defense a few times last year. And you're like what. How did he do that but he gets a lot of short yardage work in the red zone. And that gives him all kinds of touchdown upside so these are four tight ends that i'm comfortable with saying no problem. Starters worth worth the price.

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