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Good morning. Tonight is the final debate of the 2020 presidential campaign. Joe Biden and Donald Trump meet in Nashville. What can they say? That hasn't already been said it's morning edition from NPR News. Why did Corona Virus hit so many nursing homes so hard? I'm Steve Inskeep, and I'm no well king. It may not only have been residents age with the mid risk some long term care Bility skimp on care. While making investors money. Today, the Food and Drug Administration will meet to discuss how to ensure a Corona virus vaccine is safe. Theis FDA won't be reviewing a specific vaccine. Yet The point is to give Americans some doubtful reassurance that safety is a priority. It's Thursday, October 22nd. Jeff Goldblum is 60. And the news is next. Bye from NPR News. I'm Corvette Coleman, President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will hold their second at last debate tonight. Before the November election. The leech get two minutes of uninterrupted time to speak at the start of each segment. The other candidates, microphone will be muted. The U. S government says Iran and Russia have taken specific actions to influence public opinion about US elections as NPR's miles parks reports. The announcement comes after voters in Alaska and Florida reported receiving threatening emails about voting. Emails purported to come from a far right extremist group, the proud boys. They threatened voters to change the voter registration and a vote for Republicans. But national security officials now say the emails actually came from Iran, and they were meant to start polarization and undermine confidence in the election. Officials say Iran also circulated a video falsely claiming that foreign countries Khun successfully cheat mail voting systems. NPR's miles. Parks reporting the US Supreme Court is backing a decision by Alabama election officials. In a 5 to 3 decision, the justices upheld a ban on curbside voting in Alabama. From member station W. B H M in Birmingham, G Do Ban has more Alabama's Republican Secretary of state, John Merrill, called the practice of curbside voting fraudulent and the U. S. Supreme Court's ruling now blocks that option for Alabama voters, the three liberal justices on the nation's high court wrote in there dissenting opinion. That the court should not stand in the way of some election officials who want to help vulnerable voters cast their ballots without risking infection from the Corona virus. Curbside voting had been used to help voters with disabilities and others at risk of contracting the virus. State Attorney General Steve Marshall argued the practice presents logistical and ballot secrecy. Concerns for NPR news. I'm G do ban in Birmingham, Alabama, officials from some states and some members of Congress are criticizing a Justice Department settlement with Purdue Pharma. Over the company's illegal marketing of opioid pain medications. NPR's Brian Man reports. They say the settlement doesn't do enough to punish the company's billionaire owners. Purdue Pharma apologized yesterday for its past practices, pushing high risk drugs like OxyContin and agreed to pay more than $8 billion in criminal and civil fines. But the company's owner's members of the Sackler family admit no wrongdoing and will face no criminal charges. New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan blasted the Justice Department deal The Sacra family siphoned off $10 billion, according to reports from produce profits to protect that money from bankruptcy. And yet they are only contributing $225 million in this settlement, and that's really letting them off the hook. More than two dozen state attorneys general are now urging a federal bankruptcy judge to reject this settlement. Ryan Man. NPR news. This is NPR. The European Union has awarded its annual human rights prize to the opposition movement in Belarus. EU has presented them with the sacker ofthe prize for their challenge to the authoritarian rule of Bella, Russian President Alexander Lukashenko. He's claimed a six term in office despite disputed election results. Scientists say they are jubilant after watching images taken by a NASA spacecraft. It briefly landed on a faraway asteroid. NPR's know Greenfield Boys reports, the probe may have collected a good sample of dust and rock. Yo Cyrus Rex spacecraft touch down on an asteroid that's over 200 million miles away. The probe made contact with the surface for just six seconds. Dante Lauretta is the mission's principal investigator, He says it looks like the spacecraft sample collection device sank down at least a couple of centimetres into the surface. And so everything that we can see from these initial.

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