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In the private sector creating jobs balancing budgets and building a successful company and i think when you come into office and you had success in the private sector a you it makes you not beholden anybody because you know of the music stops and you don't get elected to the next office the best thing that you can do is go back to the private sector the real world and make money and if you have an ability to make money regardless of what political affiliation you may have it makes you fearless and it makes you less susceptible to lobbyists and law firms and money and money and is corrosive in politics whether you're republican or democrat because it's really the interests of the lobbyists and the law firms behind the lobbyists that that are spending money down on at our capital the influence legislation in that's true with republicans and democrats and how do you avoided as head and moral character because it's just natural inclination somebody spending a boatload of money cabotage for walker stapleton on the radio right now then you get contributions there count hoenlein as lutely right look for example in terms of money in politics it's going to take a ton of money to be chaired police jeered police as unprecedented resources has the ability to sell fund unlike anybody we've ever seen in colorado and uncommitted at least on on my side for my campaigned raising the resources necessary to complete the ultimate goal which is to make sure that colorado never has jeered poll is from my three children schoolage children for anybody else's gibbs or future generations in the state wrap it up somebody help should big time in that battle archer a little beholden to the absolutely not absolutely not i will i will be beholden to what i think is right and i've shown that deep in the treasures office a lot of people didn't think i should of sued the pension system and after i got a seventy five dollars an hour lawyer from the attorney general's office in paragon a seven hundred and fifty dollar an hour lawyer i it turned out that i learned a lot data a trial a seven fifty an hour trial lawyer could wiped the floor with the 75 darn our trial lawyer and i've taken positions that have been consistently unpopular both from a.

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