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Radio news with rod william soul here was a special dinner theory public five the release of the president's schedule as well as the official schedule of the g twenty eight house spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders is downplaying president trump's second meeting with russian president vladimir putin housands of school computers in new york city are missing or not properly accounted for ethan harp has the story controller scott stringers says a just a handful of schools his office checked more than a third of their computers including laptops tablets vanish and if that sounds familiar it's because another audit found plenty of new york city school computers missing back in 2014 stringer says the big problem is that the department of ed isn't keeping us centralized lists schools are doing that on their own and it's not working he's demanding the dea we do a toptobottom review ethan heart usa radio news this is michael david from seattle i'm fifty one years old and six months ago i started taking amdro or 100 to increase microsoft grown since then i've lost thirty five the fat and my waste went from size thirty eight thirty two i have more energy and i look and feel twenty years younger and now my wife kills me i have to take andro400 hi this is ron johnson from utah after 10week taking andro400 i lost thirteen pounds waste went from thirty six to thirty three that was eight years ago i can gene you to take andrew hunter at me hang my weight at one hundred seventy two gained muscle in energy i'm sixty three now and you better than i have in thirty years andrew 400 the natural way to increase testosterone lose belly fat gain energy and feel great try andro400 the safe effective affordable way to boost sure testosterone go to andro400com or call eight eighty four zero zero zero four three five eight eighty four hundred zero four three.

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