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Over eighteen million dollars you can have the holds once enjoyed by pioneer aviator Charles Lindbergh one of my house it's an ante bellum plantation style house built in eighteen thirty six about thirty miles east of downtown Atlanta it has thirteen bass twelve bedrooms and twelve fireplaces under eleven foot ceilings are over ten thousand square feet of floor space it has a pool a four car garage and three acres of gardens in a couple of bathrooms are two anti tubs which cost over fourteen thousand dollars each and the whole place goes up for auction July twenty fifth at which time a hybrid will get you twelve oaks the house owned by Ashley Wilkes in the movie gone with the wind what about a house it's a whole farm actually one hundred eighty seven acres with three bedrooms and two baths plus for guest rooms a two car garage and tennis courts just over five and a half million dollars you can have the Australian farm of a livia Newton John one of my house it's three houses actually including a nineteen hundred square foot main house a guest house Santa bunkhouse combining or six bedrooms and six baths only sixty five acre ranch in apple valley California included are a horse race track seventeen horse stalls campground saloon blacksmith shop at the complete Western down the red barn includes the original workshop used by the older guy by the name of Leonard sly you know a better is Roy Rogers who lived there with his wife Dale Evans and the Roy Rogers ranch could be yours for three point seven billion dollars the off beat I Jimbo habit with one hundred sixty one days left in the year of America in the morning for Tuesday July twenty third twenty nineteen is produced by Tom to lack associate producer Cathy Johnson I'm John trout Westwood One news.

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