John, New York, President Trump discussed on Background Briefing


To be given if he's other people in and see what the public we're donald trump is still supposed against the number above sort of the relationship between depression the pros and we've had for the past fifty years of research by the price if we have today the post impress he's a much different do we have the 19th century that's very different believe that what we uh uh since we started the told war and that's what makes this so shocking and again if this is purely domestic you can put it off als of this is the president style he's used to do with new york tabloids which were similar to the british tabloids and this is the way you run things when you're doing with new york tabloids yo you side with the daily news versus john you know there's ways to do this in new york but when it gets international you've got a real problem this usually really kicked off by the president's trip overseas we're fogged an idiot option when you're toward asia you basically have to washington then and he realized that i've seen anything bad things about me and we know from reports of the staff but they stop him make sure he does not get any negative news about himself english daily briefings during his day to day life so i must have come into play shocked him to turn off the tv in asia in find asylum they'll give news about him must have dumped about that somehow i it's shocking that we have the two fields and you do that that gives shall whereby president trump hos pricing and again i'm speaking with dan casino his professor political science at fairleigh dickinson university who also serves as director of expansive four sadc research group public mind his latest book is fox news and american politics how one channel shapes can politics society so what you were saying elliott dan that has filed abroad because it is seen as propaganda is that because a lot of the countries view bicycle pump state and i've always thought of foxes could a prophet of the republican party and now trump's in power at the very much the pravda of the trump administration kid miller little bit too far and in here's why uh twelve day is very much top balance.

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