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Happening right now. I come to you here. December twenty twenty. Where While i'm in new hampshire in the woods we've received the news of Pennsylvania shutting down again so the business verge yoga that i sold but still involved in supporting Is going to shut down again. You know at least in studio and so many businesses again again. It's like another smack against the side of the head you know. It's extraordinary what we are asked to be. You know we are being asked to go through right now you know in in our personal lives in in our country in our world so simple reminder today stay awake. Don't get caught up in trauma. Don't get caught up in new cycles. Yes you wanna stay aware of what's happening but be careful to not give your power over this week and next week and the week after we head into twenty twenty one. We want to be as alert as clear and calm as tuned into ourselves and to our immediate family as ever before. So you know i can't. I can't pretend. I can't. I can't be off topic anymore. This is what the east warning messages are about. Because we are all being called to show up wake up. Show up in. Shine the tagline of my book on the verge to wake up to show up and to shine and we wanna do everything possible to lean forward in lean into an awaken the potential of who we are because we all have a unique offering to give the world at this time..

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