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And doors sitting at home, cutting your thighs, and why didn't they let and come over and help, you know, she's probably buying on candidate. It's fine. She's not find you know, she was outside there like cleaned the inside of the dump step and Dora while the boys take credit for him, and you food of your drinks I like Pandora fills her days with like random. Like dole activities like perusing, the Harry and David catalogue, and then calling their customer service at an at enquiring about a basket. And if the basket can be shipped to Florida, and then deciding that she may be doesn't want ship to Florida after all, but thanking them for their help anyway, and she's like guess what Jason called having David today. And I found that they do in fact shift to Florida, but I didn't commit to it yet. Like, wow when interest commenting on like macaroni, close like how to find the perfect Kyla for the green macaroni. And I find that. It's much easier with the past statue oil older. The fat does affect the Joe are thinks she actually probably does that. I mean, maybe she's like, you know, maybe she's just like bringing back the divine addiction. You know? Maybe that's like maybe it's time for a relaunch. Fiction. Anyway, then we get a Nissan by Trixie Monaco because the chase NFO the Bryce on gonna win first place growl, those Pindar probably wrote that one or I'll sing it. Sing it only because a lot Pandora. It's not good song or K. Pennzoil you have to you have to be you have to be Upendra on. Okay. Paul sixty percent. Of those lyrics were mine. The others were Pandora's. Lisa said that I'd be able to write all the songs for the show. And next thing. I know she's handing over skull songwriting duties, depend Dora. It's just not wrong with your Lear airbags artistry takes time Lisa so Jackson, brick go to some lobster place or whatever. And then we get this other scene where we're supposed to feel bad for jacks. I e starts with like, I'm going to be bloated coming out of here sodium overload, sodium, how you know eskimos have different words for fifty different words for igloos or whatever. How many do you guys? Have for coke. So far have pasta, and sodium, and you know blow. I only learned about cook blow last night. No joke. Really? I'm actually surprised. I haven't learned it already based on like all the various discussions of inappropriate, but I had no idea about coq blow. And then I was like I can't wait to tell Ronnie. And then I was like Ronnie probably already knows. Yeah. I figured but like I was really excited to learn about it. I was like oh my God. Like Jack's makes so much more sense now. Yes, I understand coke blow tonight decided regular Blute was the way from him. One thing. I don't need another thing that blitz me. Yeah. How about I'll go with my subway sandwiches bloat? Yeah. Yeah. So Jackson Brittany are there. And he's like, wow. Last year my thirties. And she's like, you'll be mainly rain. We'd band next year. He's like, oh, yeah. I guess I'll be married. Jack's is one of those disgusting people who needs a year to celebrate that he's gonna turn forty. It's the last year my thirties. Thirties lesser being single for their. Yeah. Brimming? I hope you heard the keywords that. This is excuse to cheat on you for the Mexican for the next year when competence last year, my thirty nine. And then Jackson Britney being the expert entrepreneurs that they are like, you know, all we should have proper beer cheese or. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This would have been a great place. Oh, next time. We gotta bring it like beer cheese, lobster beer, like, you know, it's all it all happens. Yes. Coagulated velveeta decec- him to throw it in the microwave to taste your beer cheese. You'll weirdos said Jenny calls and she's like, oh my God. Or or his sister. To what she's be. I like that. She spoke just like Kristen. We worked. I'd be okay to you. I'll be day to you. Look like a monkey and you smell like went to. But. I associate calls, and she's like, but what about mom does. She call you. And he's like, no, she's texted me. She said to me, but you know, me because it'd be used she calls me what Ajax due to his mother. Let's stop pretending that his mother is some horrible villain..

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