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They could book any type of listing far away from home. It's just coming out this morning from Airbnb six flags, Discovery Kingdom and Valeo. Reopening today is the Marine world experience. You can see the animals, but you can't get on an amusement park ride K CBS's Megan Gold's favorites More when the Lion Cubs come out into the open air of their enclosure each day, animal Ambassador Li Monroe says they scan the area expectantly. They actually kind of miss seeing people. It is how they were raised by hand. And it's all they've ever known. Monroe says. They enjoy practicing their stalking behavior by picking people out and tracking them. They come in, and the new regulations at the park will stop the animals from being overwhelmed, and it won't be this horde, Massive people coming in, you know, walking right in front of them. It's a gradual opening. The park has also stopped all up close interactions between the animals and the public like during their educational shows, and Monroe says all of the animal care staff are being extremely careful and being screened daily. But there is one thing those working with the big cats can't do so they know it's so we're in a mask covering your face doesn't really help your cause. They are giant predators, After all, perhaps even more ready than these animals. Though, folks like Monroe, the Castoff thrives on educating the public about these animals and their plates in the wild and what they could do to help him and that's a big part of our job. So not having the public hears. It has been a big We're just not used to it, making Goldsby KCBS. Watch out Jason Brooks, now with a bunch of unemployment data to digest Good morning, Jason Good morning stand. The June jobs support out a day early due to the government of market.

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