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How much debt do you have eighty two thousand on what about fifty nine thousand on student loans it's a graduate student loan so it's a six point eight six point eight percent APR and then six thousand to my sister and then the rest on collection that okay she got twenty fifteen twenty thousand dollars in collections yes okay what were those deaths credit cards accident credit card in and want like eighteen till AT and T. past due bill and yeah okay what's your income my shovel kind of small I make up I bring home structure asters agreeing of criminology okay and so you're making what now thirty nine thousand that it includes child support and I rent out a room in my house okay I'm a thirty nine thousand thirty nine hundred per month show about fifty thousand a year yeah okay and so your criminology masters is not turned in their income that should make why it actually I'm not even working in that field one it I I didn't really have a target for why I mean I just got the masters just to get it and I didn't really have a career path for it and so miss sixty thousand dollars in debt to get a masters just to get it yeah I I had initially someone I mean I was planning to go to law school and could not really afford law school so easy all terrain which you get that criminology degree and I was hoping just having a master's degree that ID get able to get out and just get a a job that would pay more that what the my bachelors with getting me and I just haven't really found something in that field now you discover this not really I work trying yeah you know just generally get paid for a master's you get paid right for the pastors in a particular field because it shows you have expertise in that field okay I think you have a career problem your career keeps spinning out right and so I'm gonna send you a copy again Coleman's book I don't think it yeah I don't think your house is the problem I it's not that far out of line I think you've got potential to make almost double what you're making okay and it'll probably take two or three years to implement that and to get you into that track but you need a masters degree in criminology and you know not count your side houses in your child support you're not even making what a high school graduate would make should I be okay that I'm only put in about five hundred dollars towards debt particularly my student loan right now I'm just kind of checking away smallest to largest yeah I would pay minimum payments on everything but the little one and I would attack the little one but here's the thing I think our discussion here is all about your shovel okay it's all about your career because if I can add twenty thousand dollars to your income changes this equation dramatically absolutely yeah and and what that's gonna requires a level of intentionality applied to your career choices and developing a career track that you have never done in your life today you're going to get game on okay I say this is what I want to be and it pays a thousand dollars a year and here's my six steps to get that and I got to get out get get with those people I got to get in that world and I've got to figure out a way to go make eighty thousand dollars a year instead of thirty five with my master's degree and I'm I I mean I don't know the job title to tell you to reach for but just doing this a long time this just feels like you're dramatically under employed and I think it's got a lot to do with lack of direction and lack of consistent direction you keep changing horses halfway through and looking for some silver bullet to fix this and you is your secret sauce kiddo there's no master's degree is gonna make it all worthwhile is no little movement here is gonna make it worthwhile you're the secret sauce to your success so hold on I'm gonna give you copy can Coleman's book proximity principle read through that go read everything can offer cans website start talking to him on his radio show.

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