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K g. 08 said. News update This update on the morning show with Nikki Maduro. Good morning. I'm Brett Burkhart. There is some progress on the firefight in El Dorado County. The Cal door fire has charred nearly 154 square miles of trees and brush. In the northern Sierra Nevada after breaking out in mid August. It's now 5% contained but not before it jumped. Highway 50, forcing its closure between Pollock Pines and Myers 403 homes have been destroyed. Firefighters hope to take advantage of calmer weather and cooler temperatures. Today, there has been progress on the largest fire burning in California. The Dixie Fire is burning in five counties, including Plumas Butte to Hama, Lassen and faster. It has now burned nearly 726,000 acres and is 40% contained, fire officials say. Yesterday was a good day, the Lassen County Sheriff's Department reduced evacuation orders and warnings have been reduced for some areas. Greenville, residents have been escorted into town to see their properties that have bird of the 1247 buildings that have been destroyed 678 of its single family residences, as well as eight multiple residences. More than 12,000 structures are threatened to date. There have been no civilian injuries or fatalities. I'm Terry Roski, Geo 8 10. The Moroccan Police department is mourning the loss of one of its own. Corporal Kevin Mooney, died during the weekend from Covid 19. Muni joined the Moroccan police department in 2013 rose through the ranks to serve as the small departments detective. It was a position the department says. He excelled at. The department also says Mooney earned a reputation as a fierce advocate for victims and relentless pursuit of criminals. Muni served as president of the Moroccan Police Officers Association. He also found the departments Holiday Toy Drive. Mooney was also a member of the U. S. Marine Corps for 29 years serving overseas and seeing combat in Iraq. Corporal Kevin Mooney was 58. This news update is sponsored by Kvaerner Law firm If you've been seriously injured in an accident, you need a lawyer on your side. Call the cab are a large firm at 1 804 injury or go to 1 804 injury dot com. Don't trust the insurance company to do the right thing. Call 1 804 injury today. Gotta crash and tell you about it on 2 80. Sponsored by mattress Firm Here's kgs. Mark Nieto from a Chilton auto body Traffic desk will be heading into downtown San Jose. Maybe going to San Jose State. Northbound to 80 is bumper to bumper. It's erect right at the Guadalupe Parkway. Two left lanes are blocked, and that's why it is jammed through the one Oh one interchange onto South found 6 80 from Mickey Road. Meantime, Dorton 11 is heavy and slow still into Morgan Hill, San Martin Up past East Done, and then it slows again from Blossom Hill Road all the way up to Montague Expressway West. Down to five heading in from the Central Valley. A grind from the 11th Street merged up to the top of the hill of North Flynn and then again sluggish from North Livermore Avenue all the way out. The 6 80 interchange were backed up to the 8 80 overpass and then slow all the way across the Bay Bridge. Get a king bed for a queen price at mattress firm Save up to $500 during the best Labor Day sale ever on top rated brands like Seeley and Sleepy's Plus, get.

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