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Of breath of stories of the best like old boy beat parties because he's played like everywhere right like in really interesting regions of the world as well. Like if i'm both shanghai newcastle london. I mean wow. Denver palmer respects basin. Great what's groups. a demo. Denver's did jeremy. jeremy went to. Yeah he's like. I think he's like one of football's ankles there so we need to an uncle eleven. Footballs alternate uncles. The kind of ankle. that's i always brings suites. Are the kids doing always checks in some heavy as netease move with that energy. Still bigger uncle to heavy is as the guy who's always in control of the grill going to start start never delegates nailed. Don that's nailed delegates. Grew you kinda go near. If we have any listeners. From argentina. I just say the coach of grilling so we have a on team. Martine martine locke but he grills you count off ability not go near the growth of forty. Five minutes is that is just off is absolutely. It's like an influence like radius barrier to close go. Yes yeah yeah you're right. He definitely has touched grill. Energy talks by grill. All right played the microbes. The whole rights languages girl get away from them but back to share so they won two one against manchester united and shos job is another week in the fixture in the way that j. de la another day and other hostile. Yeah absolutely this was a great win for them to take away from that huge results and united just looked a bit shape plus spit formless. Brennan does is in a slump. I think we can safely say that has been one for while fee. Didn't know why well well when you lost the thirty four times. What what about that when when when he plays with matter. She normally like that. Because matt gives order to the chaos and bananas kind of runs. Well i think actually you know. We saw an element of how that works gets newcastle but against teams that are not so respectful and with midfielder salat mobile. You get blown away when you play with matter and fernandez matter not being obviously not mobile none of his full and fernandez who doesn't have the kind of tactical he likes to wonder and let's take risks if you've got those two in midfield than other midfielders have to be absolutely incredible positionally and physically and you have managed that and actually manage a lot of heat. It's all for being picked. Same wasn't fellini's for being picked it just the wrong configuration of players and that was never going to work against the team that puts pressure on you. It was never gonna work jemaine. Genus made a good point on Afterwards where he was saying. This is kind of what managers do when they know they're struggling will try to save job is that they they try these different configurations because he switched about to forty three one right with rochford plane left. He did but the problem was not so much the it wasn't the problem wasn't the formation formations the personnel. You have freedom thomas. I'm going unconvinced field. That's one thing. Van bacon madij as a double pivot. Not his didn't play badly but madij you've got to have legs behind behind matter. You have to have legs behind. It doesn't work otherwise this too much. One thing does give you yeah. Well what if one of many things. Actually i think i'm fairly am. We're gonna talk about the defending the first goal. You don't have to recant Lovely metaphors flying around. We had a couple right was open. Borders yours is free jazz. Which are down on the after and said I report the video instead. Manchester united's defending his pure modular synthesis. After sprayed that. Because i saw it. And i thought that looks amazing by she talked taught him about she means well then followed up saying i do realize that across we fully budget stuff is probably quite small so this is essentially a way of electronic synthesis but using separate modules that you can connect together and posh by cables is essentially a signal in a second this triggered and it goes through each module and it kind of comes its own thing so for example if i sat down here with a modular system and create something it would probably be impossible to create again because it's all dependent on the circuitry and depending on how big your modular setup is you know each time you turn a number diallo potch something because you have low patch both as you can patch cables it changes the circuitry in the formation of the signal travels and therefore it's really hard to to make the exact same thing again so it's kind of like part goes just it just goes at its at it kind of becomes its own life. There are people who were like you guys. Well and i was like well. Yes dabbled but like. I've already collect records either need to than stop dino modular geico's i'll i'll never forget gilford never again..

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