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That by the way i call them kid affectionately 'cause he was a high base we got high school early forty's now though but some guy excuse me on twitter of being condescending to him no that's a term of affection believe bladder to step in and say thank you spdr murph and i are good yet yeah now i love the few people in this building i respect more than mouths aim here i could have sat here and listened to you gone on a little bit more about you see alaska i love the two trojan of course you guys got you guys do what you're supposed to do you go play a lousy cal team is smack of anaemia leaf abbott their disappointing so far this year i thought that they were going to be a lot better this came in as potentially a top ten team and anti anfield has has not fulfilled my exponential use yet okay but you're that's kind of an interesting thing because for ufc basketball anything is grave cause you guys are starting me you're the football school football schools you're looking to win nazis on the grid iron right anything happens on the hardwood is gravy so the fact that you guys are even in the mix as gravy baby when i got to u s c the team was actually decent that that one year that they had demar derozen than they had taj gibson and they went to the sixth and they went to the second round almost beat michigan state it was a great game and not kind of got me into usc basketball him floyd yeah that was tim floyd those hilton tim floyd he's a hell of a character laura before he handed a thousand dollars in an envelope i hear i after actually but we didn't know that he had handed a thousand dollars in an envelope toe j mayo yet i've heard that guy is one of the alltime college basketball you want to talk about rogues that i mean rogue dark characters tim floyd might be tough thought life man these stories that a fall of that care.

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