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Democrats are not coming out and not condemning. acting like it never happened Kamala Harris agreed was someone calling Donald Trump and I want to make this very clear and I'm quoting I am not saying that's why I want to make that clear if you ever have known anybody I have someone that you have loved in your family. friend of the family someone maybe you've worked with I that has dealt with whether it be. Asperger's or autism or whatever it may be you know how kind and loving and sincere so many people are that deal with some of those issues some of my very good friends have children that and growing up one of my best friends little brother I dealt with one of these issues and the kindness and the love that came out that comes from people that unfortunately have to deal with this is something that you we can all learn from. I say that on the front end because I want to make it very clear that I'm not saying this I'm quoting and I I just want to prefixes because it's a very sensitive subject especially for people and families that have a loved one who deals with autism it doesn't Asperger's deals with. mental capacity. it ships. there are. Democrats being completely silent about this which is disgusting. Emily Harris agreed with someone at her rally calling Donald Trump mentally retarded. what makes it even worse is she's now trying to deny it like it never happened. literally she's trying to act like it never happened..

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