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Mean. Go out there somewhere. Mike of Quality opponents. You know what I'm saying. I don't know maybe he can't get one five. Did I see. PC fired some over there all the time for one fight. So why does he have to. Why do people act like once he goes over there? He has to decide. weakside there forever. You know it's not like that does come over there and get some proper wins on your belt. Stop Complaining and Andre Andre Ward did push for that triple defy he fight. He was willing to do that. No you know nobody come out at once before Adrian fall favorite talk enough. He Ain't do what he retelling coffee. Do smoke him out. He smoke triple G who was obviously duck in them he a smoke amount. He led a lot of the people forever they had triple. Gi looking like he was frigging that one true do no way Jose man war could have been set that record straight he was always comments. Ain't gonNA been there was there was no. HBO was running with the Narrative. Triple G was the next fuck in the great your painter. But you really wanted to. If I that's the point Michael that Star Wing. I think it's different because Earl steph fight so so you say I think like I say so. What are we waiting for? That's the promoters thing exactly and what is bud saying and what is bud saying promoters worked for me would they wildest show you you can see here interview whoever you want when your balls hang and drag because they so oh big you boss Cannella how many times I gotta show you that. He's the boss. How many faces promoting wanting to take and he took while the show he's boss? He walked his whole team to dissolve like sit down and let's hear what they told him. One hundred twenty. Let's hear what they told him out because he's a boss now. I'm not saying early ain't no boss. All I'm saying is if you want to fight you gonNA fight. I see Danny by the fire early in coffers. The the biggest fight to be made in the division so both sides are gone ship have a Dick Measuring contests until they get what they want. All that url an and in coffers the biggest fight that's that's that's baloney that's Baloney Shawn Porter just showed you that's Baloney okay. and Andy just showed ooh that's Baloney. Keep Waiting Crawford thinking you the biggest fight with earl and someone knocked girl ass off or earlier knock somebody else off and knock off pat down. Move up because now I can't make the weight but I beat the legend. Now I'm at fifty four. See you later alligator. Make your own legacy. That's what at-bats show interest in making the show. He wants to make fight for taste. Stop with this show interest. May I'm I'm I'm basically pulling teeth with Bob lobbed to get him to say what we need them to say so that we could get the Sean Porter fight is saying here. We're GONNA call Sean. He and I said Yeah. That's the fighting man. He telling you re he just lost program. I'M GONNA FIGHT COMING OFF OF LAWS Jose Ramirez. I'm afraid Crawford after I find someone. China makes a bunch of money. Come on man all one hundred and a forty pound is man but you hear something else. I'm just being optimistic. And hopefully we can get above guys really wanted above guys can come together and talk walked out and must be saying I have a a meeting where the promoters are not around and both guys go back to that promote and say I want him he wants me. We already got worked out. Might this so. I'm just hope that it. Twenty twenty quantify. One of these guys are to roll shoddy. I'm with you Danny and butters. It's fucking huge too and it just seems like these bud fans so mad. They man can't get a fight that they're trying to discredit credit. Danny who's a possible opponent. He would be the best name on Crawford's resume to this day. Okay so whatever. You can't another unified chant that was on Crawford's resume on level but but on the level on a on a level one forty seven he was unified at one forty s debating fighting at one forty domain. But just like Crawford. My just like Crawford is telling you that he is who he is and we. Even you ain't even cut the automated call himself a hall of fame obey. He said he's a hall of Famer the day. So if he's if he's base hold on if he's basing his hall of fame status off of a unification fight with the guy that he unified with who who's also unified fight in Dongo had what. IBM WHAT IN WBA and ended in the IB. Oh right that's I was Somerton. Marta yeah so that's all I'm saying if Danny Danny was a better hundred and forty pounds unified champ Danny had the WBA the ring magazine the WBZ. He beat better champions at one forty. And that's what I'm saying if bud beads damning. I don't even know why you got guys. Because he got it. No that Dan. He's the best man on buds resume. Beats Danny like I'm saying he wasn't unified forty forty seven. That's all I'm saying. I never said one forty. Seven doesn't Manuel. Buds Buds not unified at one. Forty already under the forty pounds. Four hundred forty seven pounds yet. You're talking about. He said he was a hall of Famer based only career. I I believe in that game like a weeks ago. We talked about that. I believe I'm already a hall of Famer out on the bench. Yeah I mean the fact that he tried to tell war that shit right now based off. I don't even know what I mean. Yeah not not first ballot. The assume the film that he come he he going here. I hear you man Let's see what we got smart money. Talk to me you case and smart question for you guys talk to them. I own a famous old. I guess so. I guess according to Mike Standards. Yeah we're we're just for what admission and afraid of Indian. Watch going to be day. ooh that resume to say what the president made a closer look at. I think so. Make sure to be called poly. Maybe I call them in with the arguments. I've been watching boxing. Nigga two weeks and I'm killing you motherfuckers. Man You Joan Joke Abra killing me my own fucking Adrian having a better fucking resume. Did I said as he might salon question it so so you've got one but it's a booster and resume Zeba in the ring with and wrote has been backyard. It has it. What are you doing it? You know what he did stunk up the joint begin credit for doing nothing. The point is those kind of becomes PECCI. Our smart you you you you fight Boehner but you don't cross boy that means above Aaron Aaron.

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