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Before we start a quick reminder that if you haven't had a chance to listen to episodes zero go back and check it out. I promise it'll make this episode a lot better. Okay. On with the show. Hey there. You know, what I'm going to say, it's Michel. Have you ever had that thing happen when you're on total autopilot like there's a Cup of coffee sitting in front of you one morning. You have no memory of making it. Or you're in the middle of driving anything week. I have no recollection of the last ten minutes. How am I almost home? It happens to me so much that a couple years ago, I decided to go to a silent meditation retreat and snap myself back to the present. I came back from the retreat and that feeling of presence it lasted for I noticed every issue on my body. I wasn't thinking about Instagram when talking to my best friend. I wasn't just going through the motions. But I didn't really meditate every day after the retreat like I was supposed to. And like all things the feeling present thing faded with time. Like a year later, I come home from work open. My fridge to make myself some dinner, and I find my laundry on one of my shelves. No matter how hard we try to be present. Sometimes it's the things that we can't control that actually snap us back into the moment. Tell me who you are. And what your best known for? Oh, man. I don't want to get to false off with this. Rami Yousef is a thinker. Like he gets deep gave from therapies that questions. Like, oh who am? I like, that's that's where. I'm like, you know, I honestly don't fucking know. Sometimes a little too deep to stand up writer. I'm an actor, and I have show coming out next month on Hulu called Rami. Which is also my name Rami said this is a story about what happens when autopilot is an option. And what better setting for a story about personal discovery than a college in suburban New Jersey? I feel like colleges is one of those things where the facade of you know, who you're being for your community in your family, and your parents and experts it kind of like comes to a head. Someone to school for political science and economics. So I'd go like two three classes in the morning. And then it'd take the train I was in Newark, I take the train from Newark into New York. And I'd work at apple. And then I'd go to the night acting class. I get out of this three hour acting class like eleven get on the train go back to jersey get this leap at like one AM. And then do it all over again. I immediately was like I can't do this. There was this moment. And I still don't know how it happened because they don't really tell you. Five AM or something this one morning, and I I kind of like wake up, and it's like headache. And I'm just like running around like crazy, and I try to like put myself back to sleep, and I do for a little and then we can Blake seven thirty. And I go to the bathroom, and I'm like, washing my face brush my teeth, and I'm brushing my teeth and. The water and the toothpaste won't stay in my mouth. It's like dribbling out of my mouth. It's like it's like falling on I'm like, and then I look in the mirror, and and I realized that my face is like kinda slanted, and then I'm like trying to move my mouth, and I realized oh my mouth isn't working out. I'll never forget the feeling I felt in that moment because it's just really bizarre because your mouth works your whole life. And suddenly, you just can't move it. And I just had this feeling of helplessness in and almost like a little bit of like a betrayal. Like like my body's betraying me. Like, what is what is happening? Like, this isn't working the way that it should ELS. Like, this is this is fucked up like why is this happening in end? And and it's this mix of like fear and confusion and anger, and and it's kind of very childlike. Actually, you know, I I think I felt like a child. We're going to get back to tell them in just a second. But I wanted to tell you about another amazing podcast, Harry Potter, and the sacred text, you may not know this. But I am a huge Harry Potter fan. The books are so perfectly crafted their like a complete world in and of themselves, Harry Potter, and the sacred tax is like the English class of your dreams mixed with nursing out with your friends mixed with asking the question. How do I live a better life each week to Harvard divinity school train chaplains treat a chapter of the Harry Potter series? As if it was sacred. They read each chapter through theme like forgiveness hope or love and then see what? Meaning they can glean from it because reading fiction doesn't help us escape the world. It helps us live in it. You can find Harry Potter and the secret tax wherever you listen to tell them, I am or

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