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Couple years old, one owner, one trade, low mileage and 35,000 miles on it. He said. The second the second You talked about it. We have three calls and a guy from forget James Down the Jamestown biz Best Mark. Buyer bought it, but he sold to the first guy that bought it. So when I tell you these deals, they are a deal and I wouldn't mess around now this one's a pick up It has 93,000 miles on it, but it's a GMC Sierra says it could run forever. 1500 crew Cab SLT. 2000 and eight. I mean, let's pick ups like this out there with hundreds of thousands of miles, But maybe you need another one of the farm. The ranch, Whatever the kids, ah, stealth gray metallic, in the end, like a blue gray color as the black cloth interior six passenger capability because it's a big crew cab on this thing. Remote keyless entry remote start. In really for a pickup low miles. Very nice condition. Tires were almost brand new running boards month flaps that nice cover one owner trading Cockroaches is known about 100 trades, You would've used vehicle you go to park, which First Bismarck and Valley study. So get a lot of this. That is on the lot right now for 17 995. Call immediately. Immediately because it's yours for 16 5. 16 5. I kid you not published. You look very big GMC. Marco's valley city dot com online or puckers. Bismarck. Tell him, Scott sent you Let's go to Man and carrot. Ken Mayer, Tim and Fargo, Clinton, Bismarck, Fred and win. That's what the we got One line open right now at 7012580550 Tell us if your first time caller will get you the frontline band. Go ahead. Yeah, by her great, um, yesterday in their station that our two senators wasted in kind of letter to Joe Biden to do to try to save the Keystone pipeline. But they could not be bothered to cut to, um, contesting the election it you know, they're gonna have to do something pretty special for this all sold to vote for them again. I just tell you what it is. This is a dark day and in our world and don't get first. Too many, I'm afraid. I think we should hold our members of the congressional delegation accountable when they disagree with us. I don't think we should hate them. Send them hate me. And I think also to a certain extent that's in the rear view mirror. It has happened. I'm mad about it. I understand why they didn't understand what they believe in the Constitution, understand what the Constitution wanted to happen with all that evidence they one of the states to do it, and then, of course to fight it, and they were the last line of defense. So I wish they'd voted differently. I don't think I made a difference in the vote, Unfortunately, but my question is now for you. The audience. Is it time for us to be mad at them. Or is it time for us to fight in a new way and say our only hope? Is to stop bad things from happening. How would I do that? Well, I think we Keystone XL pipeline is a good example. I wouldn't tell you that, if show Biden is doing that for his base. And say, See, we got the Keystone XL pipeline, but we're gonna keep Dapple or like a re fight that battle. I'd say this putting the baby. He's throwing his crazy wing of bone and he's going to leave that alone. That might not be bad. So we got, you know, three years clips, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Valley City has been there for you,.

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