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Other by eddie palmieri. This is democracy. Now i'm amy goodman juan gonzalez. The biden administration's vowed to take a compassionate approach to migrants and asylum seekers who arrive at the us. Mexico border after fleeing violence poverty and persecution but vice president harris drew outrage monday when she told them quote not to come during a news conference on her trip to guatemala to address root causes of migration harris's also come under fire for not yet visiting the us mexico border she was questioned tuesday by nbc news. Anchor lester holt. So this whole this whole this whole thing about the border. We've been to the border. We've been to the border the border and i haven't been to europe and i don't. I don't understand the point that you're making. this comes. A damning new investigation by reveal examines. What happens to migrant children who arrive at the mexico border and are placed in the custody of the office of refugee resettlement or or are and held in federally. Funded shelters reveal found. More than eighty. Children were turned over from the shelters to local law enforcement when they engaged behavior common for kids. Especially those who've been through trauma. Many were arrested for fading breaking property or mental health crises in one case revealed tractable oi who left honduras to seek asylum in the us who is in a shelter in san antonio texas when staff there called nine one one to report broken some bins and bedframes bodycam footage obtained by reveal shows. Bekcer county sheriff. Deputy tastes the sixteen year old a warning. The video is disturbing. But the boy's grandmother wants it to be seen so reveal published it and we show part of it to you now. You can hear the deputy speaking english to the boy who speak spanish. The boys tying the drawstring on his pants when he's taste for about thirty five seconds. Straight full diverse spoke to the english diverse until the boy is under arrest diverse. Shucks the child for about thirty five seconds to take me take me. Tell me where you're taking me i. That's body camera. Footage of a sheriff in san antonio texas tasers boy held in federally funded shelter. The child remains in custody. Now for more. We're joined by bogado. she's senior. Investigative reporter reveal who's long covered immigration including the conditions of detained migrant. Kids her new investigation with laura morello's headlined. I'm going to taste this kid. Government shelters are turning refugee children over to police Welcome back to democracy now to talk about this particular situation where this boy is held. Supposedly moving them from a custom border facilities to oral is supposed to be more humane but then they bring in the police and they taste them. A lot of people within the federal government will usually referred to ice and border patrol enforcement and o. r. are which really is an agency that should be a household name by now. Those are more social workers and so these are children minors under the age of eighteen. Who are put in shelters or not accused of any crime etc. And they're supposed to be put their under federal consent decree and be taken care of in the least restrictive kind of facility until they can be released without unnecessary delay. We've found over and over again. That a lot of children are kept beyond a few weeks or beyond you months and are transferred around for for different reasons We sued the government for records regarding Just basic facts about the treatment of children. How long they're kept inside. We got about three hundred thousand records last year and based on that we started noticing that a lot of children were being discharged to line for and so we went locale by cowan started asking for more records. We got a lot more records in this particularly egregious case we saw as the audience. Just saw that a child was taste soon after i shelter staff called nine one one and the local sheriff's there which is the bear county sheriff's deputies deployed taser speaking to the child in english. Although the child no primarily speak spanish and this is a child who's also fleeing some pretty intense violence and dude as he is pretty scared to to go back we were able to confirm his identity and also track down his family and as you mentioned they think that it was important for people here in the united states to see this and to know how some children are treated in custody and outta in particular case. You are also able to talk to someone julie is. I believe who was listed in the records as the child's lead case manager. What did she tell you yes. It's very rare to be able to speak with people who work in shelters. The government really. That's part of the operation and some of that is understandable. You wanna be able to protect the rights and privacy of children but we just we cold called shelter. The number that we had. I was able to speak with her for a while and she expressed a lot of regret for what happened. She was very sorry on the family to know that that she was sorry for what happened that day. This was a very different attitude than what we see later on. Some of the video where. She's sort of going back and forth and talking with the deputies suggesting that the child may be a hitman of which we have no no evidence of no. She told us by phone that she didn't mean to suggest that he was a killer but that he had been placed somewhere. We're sometimes killers are placed as an interesting disclosure on her end. But it's rare to be able to speak with people who work in shelters and even rare to be able to see the inside of a shelter and see what these places are like isn't exactly unannounced visit from the legislator but actual bodycam footage and so we were able to see the inside of the kinds of places that we we do a lot to get information about often described to us either records or by children who've been there in the past this rare case we were able to sort of see the inside from this body cam footage and of and some people might say well. Maybe this was an a a unique case of a law enforcement person. Gone gone rogue here but you were able to find records. They've been at least nineteen a police interventions with children. You talk about some of some whether this is a an an unusual outlier case of whether there's.

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