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In Full speed takes a shot a second shot that was saved. LaRock had to turn both of those away. So the flip flop and LaRocco take his position in the Nets to our left. His counterpart Mike Courson sits and awaits the resumption of the overtime in the Nets to our right to shots on goal for each team in that overtime session, so 42 shots on goal that's a season high. For air Force in this game 23 for Niagara. That third period Air Force out shot Niagara 16 to 5 in the third period had some great opportunities. My course has been terrific. Otherwise this this game would have been over long ago. And now we've got one on one. You sure do. We will see who they shoot Who they send out here. We've seen shot. Noten come out a whole lot early on for air Force. There's one Blue jersey on the ice right now, And that's 29 29 shot. Nope. Marchand noting scored a goal in that shoot out Air Force's first ever shoot out last season that was at home, noting the first guy out score here shot known so no one is gonna escape from left to right. We'll pick up the puck at center ice. It sits in the circle. He'll skate in on course and who comes out to meet him. Noten skates to his right now he cuts across to his left. Hash marks pulls the trigger save made by courses. Got it right into his left shin pad. And a save by courses. Niagara Stern and Ryan Cox. Junior out of Alberta. Will escape from right to left, picks it up skates in on Zack, Iraq. He moves to his right now he comes back to his left comes in shoots Save Zach Clock. William, both shooters, noting for air Force cocks for Niagara tried to go low, and both were turned away by the stick. So here's Willy rhyme. One on one with Mike course in picks up the puck comes in left to write rhymes straight down the middle fires away and Mrs wide Brian tried to go a little higher and he missed wide, right. Hey, didn't course and again. These are too big Goldie's locket 62 course in its 63 not a whole lot of debt to shoot it now. So here comes Jack Billings. 41 career goals comes in. Puts on the brakes. Fires away Scores five hole right through the wickets. Jack Billings. Scorers for Niagara Pretty good shot right there. Buildings came in with some speed and just put on the brakes and snapped a quick wrister just got right under the left pad. So this is Zach Maraj is for Air Force. I'm sorry. This is going to be Nate Horn Horn comes in, Horn hesitates now fires away Top shelf and scores that ties it up, boy. What a goal right in a horn. Oh, my made that look easy, didn't it? So now we go sudden Death. This is Walker summer. Chance to win. It picks it up skates in right to left. Fires away and scores Walker summer. Went high. The rock may have gotten a little piece of that, but not enough to keep it out. Gets it just inside that top corner off the post, And it's only fitting a guy that played two seasons at Air Force scores. The on Lee goal of the game for Niagara gets the game winner in the shootout. He gets two goals. Yeah, the game doesn't Officially as a ties actually won one overtime. Thai Air Force gets a point in the standings. Niagara gets two points in the conference standings, but officially this game ends as a tie so Air Force 05 and one now on the season. Stick salute from both teams. I don't know if Air Force earned any respect from the Purple Eagles last night, but they sure earned a ton of it tonight as they go to overtime and Niagara gets the shootout go from walkers summer. They celebrate. Falcons got to feel pretty good about themselves. Despite that, and the way they showed up tonight after last night's debacle. Well, I think, certainly a step in the right direction. Without a doubt. I mean, just night and day from the game we had last night, We will take a break, and then we'll come back with the Navy Federal Credit Union postgame show from Dwyer Arena. You're on the Air Force Sports Network from Littlefield I MG college presented by us A good afternoon. Would you like to try a free sample of our double fudge? Brownie? Sure, Hmm. That's very good. I'll just take one more just to be sure..

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